This isn't a time of unprecedented change, and you all know this. You follow this industry, in fact, you've seen all the changes that we've been talking about for some time. Well, they're here now. And time of great change in my mind requires a transformational leader, and thankfully we have that in Jim. He's really a proven transformational leader. He's a visionary thinker. He and I think very much alike. Well, if you could see me, I'm smiling because Bill on my left here see the thing that shouldn't escape us is he gets it. So Bill Ford understands the culture, and we're totally aligned. I would say it's an emphasis. Be more emphatic about parts of the culture that need to come out. I mean, both of us feel like, over years, you know, the what happens in big corporations is, the bureaucracy and the hierarchies probably overwhelmed what can be faster decision making, clearer understanding teams, working collectively.