[MUSIC] It's 9 PM. You've been waiting about 20 minutes for your Domino's pizza. You see a car roll up out front, but nobody gets out. In fact, upon closer inspection, you don't even see a delivery driver. Congratulation, you just had your first pizza delivered by Ford's autonomous Fusion. Ford and Domino's have entered into a partnership where the two will test consumer reaction to an autonomous pizza delivery. You'll understand the air quotes later. Here's how it works. Ford started with one of it's autonomous Fusion hybrids. Literally just one. And then it was outfitted with a dispoke pizza storage system that holds four pizzas and five sides. The user interface, next to the rear window, will be what the buyer interacts with. When delivery car arrives, the buyer will receive a notification, head outside, enter a code on the touchpad, and grab the pizza. You got it! It's basically like ordering a pizza right now. With a few extra steps, literally. While it would be super cool if the car were completely empty and sadly that's never gonna happen. But the Ford safety engineer and other researchers will be in the vehicle during testing. In fact because of the current state of self driving vehicles laws, the vehicle will be under human control during the deliveries even though the vehicle is fully capable of driving itself which is a little bit of a bummer. Ford will use this partnership to gauge consumer reaction to driver less vehicles. For many, this will be the first time they get up close and personal with a self driving car with a wide arc spinning up top with ridiculous graphics all over the body. Will they be excited to check it out or will they run away screaming? [MUSIC]