The trucking industry is ripe for reinvention, and Elon Musk just showed us a glimpse into the future. Here are 5 things you need to know about the Tesla Semi. Tesla's new Semi is fully electric, so it doesn't burn a drop of diesel, it runs completely emissions free. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Cruising range is stated at 300 or 500 miles thanks to efficiency estimated at below 2 kilowatt hours per miles. [MUSIC] The semi would do zero to 60 in 20 seconds while pulling a 80,000 max load. [UNKNOWN] make it in just five seconds. [MUSIC] It's actually powered by the same motors that power the model 3, but the semi has four, one for each of the four driven wheels. [MUSIC] Musk claims that the semi saves about $200,000 in fuel costs over a diesel, paying for itself in just two years. Pricing hasn't been announced but Tesla's taking $5,000 deposits now. [SOUND] Those are the highlights so there's a lot more to learn. So check out our write up over on for all the details about Tesla's new beast.