Here's what's making news on Roadshow. It looks like there may be some relief from the ever increasing friction between the US and China over vehicle tariffs. According to a tweet from the president, China is backing down from its 40% import tariff on American cars, which is, you know, cool. That said, the information came in the form of a tweet that neither the office of the US trade representative nor China's commerce ministry would confirm, so yeah. In a recent straw poll conducted around the office, RoadShow determined that the forthcoming Volvo V60 is basically weaponized hotness, and we're real into it. What we were missing though was in flow on pricing but not anymore. Volvo tells us that the base model V 60 will start at just under 60 grand and friends that's exciting. The R design model will start at just under 44 grand. And the inscription trim will set you back $49,500 before options. We've been hearing options that Bentley could be cooking up some kind of fully electric vehicle but that's just not true according to CEO Adrian Hallmark. Why? Well because battery technology just isn't good enough for a Bentley yet. The company isn't willing to compromise despite some 40% of its customers expressing interest in an electric model from the brand. In the meantime, well, sorry [UNKNOWN], but you'll just have to settle for plug in hybrid versions of current models. Find more on these stories over at We'll talk to you tomorrow. [MUSIC]