[MUSIC] Can't find a place to park your bike? Well, maybe you should try folding it up into a backpack. This is the Airwheel E3. And it's a foldable e-bike. Well, maybe it's not a bike, because it doesn't really have any pedals. It's more like a scooter. Because you just put your feet on the rests and ride away. So you can fold it up into a backup neatly, with all the components folding into themselves. And then you can put it on this included bag. The whole weight all up is around 27 and a half pounds, or 12.5 kilos. It can take up to a 100 kilo or 220 pounds of weight on it. And you can go around 12 miles an hour Or that is 20 km an hour. It has a bell, it has a light. It also has a USB port so you can recharge your phone while you're riding. And it gives you around one hour of ride time. To charge it up, it takes around 2.5 to 3.5 hours sitting on a charger. I rode it around the halls here at CES. It's indoor use Pretty much only rather than, design for outdoor use, it's got a lot of good pickup, it's fun to ride. It's nice and small and compact. I carried it around on my back. It is heavy, but it's not really designed to do an every day commute. Meter. It's more defined for things like warehouse runs, indoor runs and security guards and maybe shopping centers. It is $700, and the Air wheel E three is available now.