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TeleType WorldNavigator review: TeleType WorldNavigator

TeleType WorldNavigator

John R. Delaney
2 min read

The WorldNavigator's 2.1-ounce GPS receiver, based on the SiRFII/LP chipset, is designed with a tilted antenna for optimal reception. The kit includes a 12-channel CompactFlash GPS receiver; a low-power, high-sensitivity GPS receiver; two CDs of mapping software; a vehicle mount; a 12-volt adapter; a CompactFlash-to-PCMCIA adapter; an external booster antenna; and a carrying case.


TeleType WorldNavigator

The Good

Powerful GPS receiver; robust software; full line of accessories.

The Bad

Expensive; complex software.

The Bottom Line

TeleType furnishes everything you need to turn a Pocket PC with a CompactFlash slot into a formidable navigation tool.

TeleType's WorldNavigator software is among the best on the market, providing highly detailed maps for the United States in a compressed format. It lets you create routes on a desktop or the PDA, and it calculates voice and text-based driving directions. Also, if your Pocket PC is short on available memory, you can select the amount of map detail you want to push to the device. In addition to containing more than 3 million points of interest, WorldNavigator will record trips for future playback, attach photos to custom waypoints, avoid certain roads and highways, and create routes using your Microsoft Outlook contacts. The software's only flaw is that it's packed with so many features, it takes a while to figure out how to use them all.

We transferred the New York metro region maps to our Dell Axim X5 test unit, including points of interest, and it used only 7.8MB of memory, thanks to TeleType's compression technology. The GPS receiver took more than seven minutes to initialize for the first time but was able to acquire a 3D fix in about 40 seconds on subsequent tries. Satellite signal was strong indoors and out, and the voice-prompted turning directions were clear and accurate.

With a $319 price tag, the TeleType WorldNavigator CompactFlash Premium bundle is one of the more costly GPS add-on offerings for handheld devices. But you certainly get your money's worth, as this powerful combination of hardware and software will make sure you never get lost again.