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I-Way World boasts the most realistic driving sims in the world.
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Rather than sitting in a fake car, you sit in the shells of real cars.
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I-Way World is based in Lyon, France.
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There are three sims on offer: Rally, Endurance (LMP1, etc.) and Formula One.
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When you're strapped into your car, you sit in front of three screens that give you a wide-screen view of the action.
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You're also raised up by some pretty complex hydraulics.
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Those hydraulics give the car some violent and realistic movement for as much immersion as possible.
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Combine the movement with the screens and you have yourself something to best the likes of Gran Turismo and Forza with ease.
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However, some people don't get on with the setup.
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We were warned before we went in that there's a chance it could make you a little bit ill.
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That didn't happen to us, though. We had a blast.
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