It all began with an S60

Volvo started with an S60 sedan for its prototype self-driving car.

Photo by: Tim Stevens/CNET

Feeling green

The car relies mostly on technology currently available in production Volvos -- plus some extra green vinyl, for color.

Photo by: Tim Stevens/CNET

Autonomous parking

Volvo also showed off a separate self-parking car, which can find an empty parking space and slot itself in, even if you're not in the car.

Photo by: Tim Stevens/CNET

Spot on

The black spot on the grille is the radar sensor, which is currently used in Volvo cars today.

Photo by: Tim Stevens/CNET

GPS test

The self-driving car was augmented with these GPS units on the roof. But, they're only used during testing. They won't be there in the final version.

Photo by: Tim Stevens/CNET

Laser scanners

This sensor module contains laser scanners and imaging. This is the bulk of the sensing equipment and is part of Volvo's current option packages.

Photo by: Tim Stevens/CNET

Diagnostics inside

This is the diagnostic terminal in the prototype. It makes for a heck of a conversation starter, but won't be there in the final version.

Photo by: Tim Stevens/CNET

Big red button

And the ubiquitous, shiny red button that shuts down the system. This, too, will not be there when this car goes on sale in 2017.

Photo by: Tim Stevens/CNET
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