Name that car

Volkswagen is hoping to court a new generation of Earth-loving types with a modern, electric rendition of the famous Type 2 Microbus.

Volkswagen enthusiasts will welcome the sight of a plate-sized VW badge, made famous by its presence on the Type 2 van. In the US, this vehicle was colloquially dubbed the Microbus, while in Germany the car became popularly known as the Bulli, hence the name of the new concept.

Photo by: Volkswagen

Electric hippie, part I

Unlike the rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive Type 2, the New Bulli has a front-mounted electric motor and is, naturally, front-wheel drive.

Photo by: Volkswagen

Electric hippie, part II

Volkswagen claims impressive numbers for the drivetrain, such as the 300km range and a one-hour charging time.

Photo by: Volkswagen

Of doors and windows

The Bulli's doors are hinged, similar to those on the Type 2. Later Volkswagen Microbuses would get sliding side doors. One area where the Bulli does not compete with the Type 2 is quantity of windows, which numbered up to 23 in the original vehicle.

Photo by: Volkswagen

Chill man

The chrome dish alloy wheels evoke the look of the Type 2's hubcaps. The electric motor and 40kWh Lithium-ion battery give the Bulli 85kW of power and 270Nm of torque. It gets to 100km/h in a sedate 11.5 seconds.

Photo by: Volkswagen

Mmm sandwich

The Lithium-ion battery pack is sandwiched in the chassis, which keeps its centre of gravity low. Volkswagen says the platform could also accommodate one of its petrol or diesel engines.

Photo by: Volkswagen

People or things?

As the Bulli is not nearly as long or tall as the Type 2, its cargo space is smaller, but the rear seats can be folded flat to maximise space.

Photo by: Volkswagen


The front bench also folds down in a two-thirds split, leaving the driver's seat up.

Photo by: Volkswagen

Apple power

Volkswagen ditches the excellent RNS510 system for an integrated iPad, complete with a mount, that handles all the entertainment and navigation functions.

Photo by: Volkswagen

Bench warmer

With its bench seats, the Bulli can carry up to six people.


Photo by: Volkswagen
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