Magnus Walker, better known as the Urban Outlaw, has a special place in his heart for vintage Turbos.
Magnus's workshop/home in Los Angeles is home to some of the best examples of early 911s.
A Turbo from any year is easily spotted from any angle by its aggressive stance.
This paint job, along with it's avocado interior, make for a very rare combo.
This '76 Turbo is a European edition, made for the Swiss market.
The Fuchs wheels are classic Porsche touch.
All of Walker's cars are made to be driven, not just kept locked away.
The whale tail may spoil the traditional lines of the 911 but the performance it promises makes up for that.
There are few things as nice as a sunset drive in a classic Porsche in the City of Angels.
Walker is a common sight on the roads near his workshop.
Interiors aren't made like this anymore.
This represents Walker's dose of "Turbo Fever."
Walker customises many of his cars but his Turbos are mostly kept stock.
The increasingly shrinking rear of a Turbo is everyone else's most common view.
Baby got back.
Avocado may not have been everyone's number one choice of interior colour, but it does make for a rare example of the breed.
Even the floor mats won't let you forget what car you're in.
The '70s were an odd time for fashion.
There's a contrast between industrial LA and the smooth lines of the 911 Turbo, yet it feels at home on the Californian roads.
Walker described the techniques required to drive an older Turbo well. You need your wits about you to keep it in check.
If you're not used to the lag in early Turbos, you're in for a surprise when it kicks in.
Walker is happiest behind the wheel, his substantial volume of hair blowing in the wind.
Walker's home and garage have become almost as famous as him.
The challenge of driving older Turbos makes for a satisfying experience when you get it just right.
If you spot a classic 911 Turbo in LA there's a good chance Magnus will be behind the wheel.
Walker still has quite a few Turbos he would like to add to his collection to make it complete.
The gold Campagnolo wheels are a great touch on this Euro 911 Turbo.
Walker in front of his Turbos.
Seeing the Turbos lined up is quite a sight.
Walker will leave the stickers previous owners have put on the cars if he feels they are in keeping with the history of the car.
Each one looks ready to pounce.
Magnus Walker is probably one of the most recognisable Porsche collectors in the world.
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