More than meets the eye?

Is the Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Edition more than meets the eye? Nope. It's merely an appearance package.
Photo by: General Motors

It'll cost you

The Transformers Edition package is priced at $995 over the MSRP of an LT V6 or SS V8 Camaros, and is only available on Rally Yellow models.
Photo by: General Motors

RS package

The Transformers package does not interfere with the RS package accessories, so drivers can have both.
Photo by: General Motors

Where's LaBeouf?

The Transformers Edition is styled after the vehicle mode of Autobot Bumblebee from the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" movie. Fortunately, the package does not include a chronically frightened Shia LaBeouf.
Photo by: General Motors

Bumblebee stripes

The kit starts with black rally stripes with Transformers graphics.
Photo by: General Motors

Door sills

Transformers-logo embossed door sills will remind you of how much of a fanboy you are every time you get into the car.
Photo by: General Motors

Autobot badging

OK, I have to admit that this is cool. The Transformers Edition package adds Autobot badging below the Camaro logo on the front fenders.
Photo by: General Motors

Wheel caps

The centercaps of the wheels also receive Autobot badges.
Photo by: General Motors

Surprisingly subtle interior mod

Inside, the Transformers Edition gets a surprisingly subtle Autobots logo stitched into the center console cover.
Photo by: General Motors

Not quite movie accurate

The Bumblebee character in the first film is based on the Camaro concept (which isn't exactly identical to the production model) and is depicted in the second film as a Camaro Z28 (which GM has indefinitely suspended), so your Transformers Edition Camaro won't be exactly movie accurate. Also, it doesn't transform into a 16-foot robot.
Photo by: General Motors
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