2010 Acura MDX

Built with an independent suspension, the MDX has always been more crossover than SUV, with carlike handling and room for five with cargo. The latest version updates the cabin tech with hard-drive-based navigation and more advanced voice command that lets you control an iPod.

But what really surprised us was the new active suspension system. Complemented by Acura's torque vectoring all-wheel drive, the new MDX proves very capable in the corners.

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Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

2011 Honda Odyssey Touring

Honda took the newest version of its minivan over the top by adding a wide-screen rear entertainment system, which can show dual video sources. Not only that, but the Odyssey is the first vehicle with an HDMI input. A new navigation system and advanced Bluetooth phone support help out the driver.

To enhance fuel economy, Honda uses cylinder deactivation technology on the engine. We found it worked seamlessly, with no noticeable vibration or hesitation.

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Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 Limited

The new Grand Cherokee uses tech to keep its wheels on the ground and its driver informed. Offroad systems let the driver select a terrain profile, which lets the drive system know how much torque to put to the wheels, while an air suspension allows for increased clearance when needed.

And this Grand Cherokee feels good on the road, too, with a smooth ride and a sport drive setting. Cabin tech features include navigation with traffic, a Bluetooth phone system, iPod connection, and adaptive cruise control.

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Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

2010 Mitsubishi Outlander GT

This nimble little SUV gets a high-tech four-wheel-drive system, derived from the rally car system in the Mitsubishi Evo. The driver can select different road conditions to manage torque, and the system will send power to the wheels with grip.

Mitsubishi's cabin tech looks a little rough, but is feature rich. The navigation system shows traffic, and the Rockford Fosgate audio system pumps out the bass. The new Fuse voice command system gives you control over phones and iPods.

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Photo by: Wayne Cunningham/CNET

2011 Porsche Cayenne S

The Cayenne S comes with every handling technology we would expect from Porsche, including an active suspension to counter body roll and a new torque vectoring all-wheel-drive system. Its eight-speed transmission allows for low engine revs and high speeds.

Updated cabin tech for the Cayenne includes a navigation system with rendered, 3D buildings. The car also had Bluetooth phone and iPod integration, along with a blind-spot detection system.

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Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET
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