This is the fourth-generation Range Rover.
Customers loved the old one so much that when they were asked what they'd like to see in the new one they said: "Don't change anything, just make it better."
So that's precisely what Land Rover has done.
It's just as, if not more, capable off road than its predecessor.
On road, it's pretty brisk, too. The top spec 5.0-litre supercharged V8 was tested at 180 mph.
Customer cars, however, are limited to 155 mph.
This generation uses two-thirds as much fuel as the old model...
...thanks to extensive use of strong-but-light aluminium.
That means the fourth generation is more than 400kgs lighter than the third.
As well as being faster and lighter, the new Range Rover is also quieter than ever before.
Engineers benchmarked it against the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Bentley Continental Flying Spur to ensure it's as quiet as possible.
The old car was criticised for having a cabin rather over-encumbered with buttons.
Land Rover has largely done away with them, leaving a much cleaner cabin.
Rear leg room is also better in the new Range.
You can have a traditional rear bench seat back there, or two captain's chairs with a massage function.
Light weight means that now, on soft sand, it is possible to doughnut a Range Rover.
Even on 20-inch wheels and road tyres, it's immensely capable off road.
Sand, mud, rocks, and...anything else you care to lob at it aren't a problem.
All in all, the new Range Rover is a pretty awesome bit of kit.
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