Movie and TV cars are the best kind of automobile. They go fast, have rocket launchers and can sometimes even speak. At its CES press conference, Sony introduced Seth Rogen, Jay Chou and the car from the forthcoming superhero movie The Green Hornet. The car is called the Black Beauty, although we can think of a certain horse that might object to the use of the definite article there.

Still, the car looks pretty sweet, even in the mashed-up form we saw it in. There's a lot of damage caused by some sort of shoot-out and we have to say, we think it looks cooler a little roughed-up than it does in its gleaming original design.

There's plenty of tech here too, including a Sony sat-nav system, and about nine different weapons designed to kick seven bells out of anyone stupid enough to cross its path.

Anyway, we're not here to talk, we're here to show, so browse the photos to see the car in more detail.

More guns!
Is it safe to assume, at some point, this car gets into a bit of trouble?
Yes, we think that's a safe assumption.
The inside of this car had a real car smell. That impressed us, as we thought it would smell different. It also looks very cool.
Some serious looking buttons.
Gun close-up.
The guns look pretty real, even close up. Perhaps to save effort, Sony just put real guns on this car, rather than faking them.
When Seth Rogen told everyone at the Sony press conference that the Black Beauty had a Sony sat-nav, we just assumed he was lying. He was not.
This is the sort of 3D camera you might use to make 3D TV or, even a movie.
Sony had the rig setup, so we could see how everything worked.
It's quite an involved process to make 3D: it requires some pretty intense calibration. That's what this hardware does.
This is a control panel for making the 3D happen.
And then, out of the other end, you get magical 3D.
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