560 bhp lurk beneath the surface.
The extra M lets you know you're in for a good time.
M provide a nice middle ground between AMG and RS cars.
The engine noise is one of the highlights of the M5.
The M badge is all over this car, reminding you of what you're driving.
Really, though, you will rarely be disappointed by any car with this badge.
The M button puts you in Sport mode.
The new design isn't much altered.
M2 indicates Sport+ Mode.
These kinds of roads might not be the safest but definitely some of the most fun to drive on.
0-62 mph is achieved in 4.4 seconds.
The car can be driven like a much more sedate car, but why would you?
The new engine ups the power over its predecessor significantly.
Some BMW design cues will never, ever change.
If you're interested in ferrying your family around at breakneck speeds, this car is worth considering.
Although this will challenge pretty much anything else on the roads it doesn't scream that it's supercar quick.
M badges everywhere.
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