Despite its badge, this is actually a Subaru BRZ.
Bee Racing changed the car's front end because it preferred the look of the Toyota GT 86.
However, that's clearly not the only aesthetic change.
Most noticeable is the Rocket Bunny body kit.
Makes it look pretty mean, no?
The spoiler on the back not only adds down force, but looks pretty awesome as well.
Some bits of the base car remain. The rear lights look pretty cool.
The wheels are Bee Racing's own.
Under the skin there've been plenty of changes.
The engine has been tweaked... has the suspension.
This car is all about passion.
To say the interior has had a "light going over" is an understatement.
It's cool, mind.
Drifting is what this car was made for.
Well...drifting and sounding incredible. And going like stink.
You can't deny its road presence.
Nor its individuality.
Would you do this to a BRZ if you could?
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