Seat's not normally a company you'd associate with green motoring, but that could soon change with the introduction of its Ibiza IBE electric car concept -- unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

Our first impression was very positive, mostly because it doesn't look as ridiculous as most electric car concepts doing the rounds. We've always needed a stong drink before getting behind the wheel of the G-Wiz (Ribena, straight) but this is something we'd happily cruise in without shame.

The IBE seats two adults, but we're not sure how much room is in the back. Seat wouldn't let us have a look inside and would only confirm there is the 'possibility' of carrying up to four passengers. That being the case, you'd be wise to stock up on lube or buy your mates yoga lessons just in case.

The IBE's electric motor kicks out 75kW (about 102hp) and 200Nm of torque, while its battery is an 18kW lithium-ion unit positioned in the rear. These allow the car to complete the 0-62mph dash in 9.4 seconds, making the IBE quicker than many small hatchbacks. Top speed is said to be 160kmh (about 100mph) so it'll happily endure a quick motorway trip, but that's not something we'd recommend, as Seat is yet to comment on the car's range.

It all sounds rather promising, so let's hope Seat moves quickly in getting it to market. Have a gander at the pics in our gallery by hitting the 'Continue' link below.

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The IBE looks much smarter than most electric cars. It's something we can really see ourselves wanting to ride around in.
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Seat tells us the car's lithium-ion battery is mounted in the rear, but the company is being coy about the vehicle's range.
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The IBE is said to do 0-60mph in under 10 seconds, which is plenty quick enough in urban traffic.
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It's a real looker from all angles.
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