Remember that Renault DeZir electric concept car we showed you recently? We've seen one in the flesh-metal and it's even more beautiful than it appeared in Renault's PR shots -- if that's possible.

When we first spotted it on the Renault stand at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, we were a little intimidated. There it stood, twirling seductively on a rotating platform like some sort of automotive hussie, taunting us with its hypnotic beauty. Rather than stand there looking awkward, we took the sort of decisive action any nerd would -- we hid in the nearest bush, got out our zoom lens and papped the hell out of it.

Upon examining the pictures back in our lair, we were struck with just how bonkers the DeZir's doors are. Renault clearly couldn't decide between gullwing or suicide doors, so it did the sensible thing and chose both. The driver door swings one way, the passenger door swings another and the whole thing ends up looking like a sexy, flailing Peter Crouch.

On the inside, Renault's installed a bench instead of seats. These are finished in leather, backlit with red LEDs and promote an air of passion in the cockpit by allowing driver and passenger to get closer together. Again, it's an unusual implementation that might cause you to slide around during corners, but if it helps us get lucky then we're totally down with it.

The rest of the interior gets the same passion-intensifying red and white treatment, though lights in the cabin change colour depending on whether you adopt a rough or gentle driving style. Also, the car features a huge tablet-style touchscreen display that displays energy usage and synchronises journey information with your diary to help you determine when you need to be somewhere and how you should get there.

The DeZir is powered by a battery and electric motor combination that can be found on Renault's production electric cars. The company's coaxed out a little more power than is standard, however, blessing the DeZir with 110kW (147.5bhp) and 226Nm of torque. That, says Renault, is sufficient for a 0-60mph time of 5 seconds, a top speed of 112mph and a range of 100 miles.

Unlike many electric cars, the DeZir won't simply emit a whine as it drives. Renault's working with IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) to create a virtual engine note that "reflects the DeZir's personality". Neither firm has said what the noise will be, but judging by the DeZir's flirty nature, it'll probably the sound of an amorous couple licking honey off each other. We hope.

The DeZir is unlikely ever to go on sale, but Renault tells us it's the first in a line of concepts that will provide an insight into what the company's cars will look like in the future.

Get an right eyeful for yourself by clicking through our dirty peephole of a gallery then let us know how hot and bothered you are in the comments below.

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Renault says DeZir's doors signify ying and yang-style amorous harmony. Okaaay.
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The gaping back end is designed to exhaust battery-cooling air that's been sucked in fron the front.
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The DeZir doesn't have seats -- it has a single bench so you and your lover can get all snuggly together.
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Accelerometers in the car analyse your driving and change the cabin lights to reflect how rough or tender you are.
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The backlit seats make the interior look like some sort of love nest.
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That thing in the centre is a touchscreen tablet interface. But what's below it -- a flower vase or the gear selector knob?
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