With HSV putting a larger 6.2-litre V8 into its cars this month and the imminent release of the new Falcon, it's no surprise to see further details about the upcoming FPV Falcon range.

As before, there are two engines in the FPV Falcon range: a turbocharged 4.0-litre inline six and a 5.4-litre V8. The turbo six, which is available in the F6 sedan and ute, now has 310kW of power and 565Nm of torque. That's up 40kW on the old engine.

Meanwhile the V8 -- as seen on the GT, GT-E and GT-P sedans, as well as the Pursuit and Super Pursuit utes -- now packs 315kW of power and 551Nm of torque, which is an increase of 13kW from before. Compared to HSV's new 6.2-litre V8, the Ford is down 2kW but up 1Nm.

Falcon or racoon?
FPV's FG Falcon range will look less like tarted up XR6s and XR8s thanks to the use of some unique styling flourishes. This includes dropping the double-bubble headlamps from the XR-range. Instead the new season FPVs get standard Falcon lights with grey cut outs underneath; it makes us think of a racoon's eyes, though.


Red line fever
The complement of ancillary gauges, for stuff like oil temperature, oil pressure and boost, are moved from the centre of the dash to the main instrument cluster. More importantly, though, the new range sees the return of the red line to the tachometer.


Sticker me up!
All V8 Falcons get a power bulge on the bonnet to accommodate the taller V8 engine. For many that's enough shouty lairiness to last a lifetime. Others demur and, for this set, FPV will happily adorn your power hump with stickers galore, letting the world know that you're not just happy to see them but that you're packing a 315kW V8 too.

Note that for the first time, FPV badges displace Ford ones.


Rumble in the jungle
For motorheads there's something particularly evocative about the rumble of a V8. And what better way to get that rumble than via exhausts located on either side of the car? Only FPV's V8s get this stylistic tic.


FPV's love of go-faster stripes is well documented, but we're still not sold on the idea of utes with rear wings.

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