Though images have been floating around the Web since spring, the Ferrari California is set to debut in the sheet metal at this year's Paris auto show. The California will slot in at the bottom of Ferrari's offerings and feature a retractable hard top and looks that are best summed up as "polarizing." Frankly, we like what we see.
Caption by / Photo by Ferrari
Equipped with a 260-horsepower, 480-pound-foot diesel engine, the Racing Lancer is poised to do for the 2009 Dakar Rally what the Lancer Evolution did for the WRC.
Caption by / Photo by Mitsubishi
European car manufacturer Peugeot has been teasing a vehicle unofficially known as the RC. Set to be revealed in Paris, the four door hybrid claims 313 horsepower and a zero emissions, all electric mode.
Caption by / Photo by Peugeot
The new Mazda6 is out and it's quite the looker, but there's always room for performance. While no plans for a MazdaSpeed version of our 6 has been announced, the European analog will be revealed in Paris in the form of the Mazda6 MPS.
Caption by / Photo by Nihon Car
We've already had a look at Mini's next concept, the odd little Crossover concept CUV. We'll get a closer look at the biggest Mini and its unconventional globe interface in Paris.
Caption by / Photo by BMW/Mini
Kia hopes its Soul will help it get a piece of the market defined by the Scion xB. We've been seeing incremental increases in the quality of Kia/Hyundai's offerings, but with more automakers focusing on the small-car market, the Soul will have to be a quantum leap if it hopes to be a big seller.
Caption by / Photo by Kia
Not much information is known about Citroen's Hypnos Concept except that the hybrid vehicle claims over 200 horsepower and 60 mpg. One thing is certain: Citroen cars are always interestingly quirky.
Caption by / Photo by Citroen
The Mercedes-Benz ConceptFascination is a design study focusing on the future of the aging E-Class. The styling is more evolutionary than revolutionary, but the shooting brake configuration is a step in a different direction.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes-Benz
Vauxhalls and Opels have been recently reaching the States in the form of rebadged Saturns. Let's hope we get the Insignia Sport Tourer in the form of a Saturn Aura powered by a CDTi turbodiesel, which achieves 59.8 mpg.
Caption by / Photo by General Motors
The 9-X Air is a bit paradoxical. One one hand it is powered by a small, 1.4-liter Saab BioPower engine that combines turbocharging, the use of E85 bioethanol fuel, and hybrid technology. On the other hand it is essentially a four seat convertible. Can it be environmentally responsible and fun at the same time? We won't know until it's revealed in Paris.
Caption by / Photo by General Motors
With its chunky profile and gullwing doors, the Ondelios Concept is Renault's vision of the future of CUVs. The concept features a diesel hybrid drivetrain with a 2.0L dCi engine supported by two electric motors placed at each end.
Caption by / Photo by Renault
Mitsubishi hopes to capture more prospective Subaru WRX drivers who absolutely need a hatchback with its Lancer Sportback. In Ralliart trim, the Lancer features a turbocharged 2-liter inline-four pumping 240 HP through Mitsubishi's SST transmission and finally to the ground via an all-wheel-drive system.
Caption by / Photo by Mitsubishi
Essentially, what Ford is doing here is removing the rear seats of its Fiesta subcompact, replacing the glass of the rear windows with sheetmetal, placing a partition just aft of the front seats to create a storage compartment, and calling it a van. Is it odd? Yes, but is it any good?
Caption by / Photo by Ford
Honda is rolling out a whole line of hybrids, including the new Insight, an updated Civic hybrid, and a new compact hybrid based on the CR-Z concept.
Caption by / Photo by Honda
The Chevrolet Orlando is a crossover SUV based on the same platform as the Cruze and will feature a 2-liter turbocharged diesel engine that produces 150 horsepower.
Caption by / Photo by Chevrolet
The Volt maybe getting all of the attention these days, but the Cruze may just be the car that saves Chevrolet. Due to replace the Cobalt in the foreseeable future, if the Cruze can bring the same charm that the Malibu brings to the compact car market, the bow tie brand may have a winner.
Caption by / Photo by Chevrolet
Chevrolet's been hyping the Volt within an inch of its electric powered life. After revealing a production renderings that look almost nothing like the concept, Chevrolet plans to show the production Volt in Paris.
Caption by / Photo by Chevrolet
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