Peugeot's busted out a new hybrid estate that'll let you, your significant other, large swathes of your offspring and their pets save the planet -- all at the same time. Behold, treehuggers, the 508 RXH.

Under that big, surprisingly stylish exterior lies Peugeot's clever Hybrid4 hybrid power system. It's the same power delivery system seen in the company's 3008 Hybrid4, which means it'll combine a 163bhp, 2-litre HDi diesel engine with a 37bhp electric motor.

Predictably, this combo makes for some pleasing economy and emissions figures. It'll return 67.2mpg on the combined cycle and emissions of just 109g of carbon dioxide per kilometre driven.

Now we know what you're thinking: "So what? That's not even as good as the Seat Ibiza ST Ecomotive estate, which returns a far healthier 80.7mpg". That's fair enough, but the Ibiza is a smaller car and has a weedy 1.2-litre diesel engine that can barely get over speed bumps. This bad boy is four-wheel-drive and chucks out all manner of torque -- 450Nm to be exact.

The 508 RHX's interior has received a decent lick of tech. Peugeot's thrown in an 'Open and Go' system that does away with keys and a 'latest generation audio and satellite-navigation unit', which hopefully won't be as rubbish as previous Peugeot navs.

The car will also pack a head-up display that projects your speed onto the windscreen in your line of sight, so you don't have to exhaust your eyeballs by looking down at the speedo.

Overall, the 508 RHX looks pretty dang awesome, but we'll reserve judgement until we see it in person at the Frankfurt Motor Show in mid-September. While we wait, let's all have a flick through the photo gallery above to get a closer look.

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