Put on the road last year, BMW led the pack in oddball design. BMW calls it a Sports Activity Coupe, but a coupe shouldn't have four doors and be able to ford rivers. The X6 seems to be BMW's attempt at building a crossover, but it embodies none of the virtues of that segment.

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Acura ZDX

Shown in concept form at the 2009 New York auto show, the ZDX is slated for production. Acura designers managed to independently come up with a car similar to the BMW X6. In both cases, the designers seemed to have looked at their sedan models, then looked at their SUVs, and morphed them together.

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Lamborghini Estoque

At the 2008 Paris auto show, Lamborghini took a stab at broadening its model lineup into the sedan segment. From a financial standpoint, it makes sense, as sedans have steadier sales than sports cars. Fortunately, this one is only a concept, and no plans have been announced for production.

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Aston Martin Rapide

The Rapide was first shown as a concept in 2006, and hits production later this year. Like the Estoque, the Rapide is a sedan based on sports car design. The Rapide uses the DB9 platform, but adding two extra doors to a coupe gives it comical proportions.

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Porsche Panamera

Obviously embarrassed, Porsche merely hinted at the Panamera for a number of years, with the occasional spy photo emerging. But the covers came off this year at the Shanghai auto show, a location probably chosen for its remoteness from Western criticism. The Panamera follows the theme of the Rapide and Estoque, and is slated for production this year.

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