Quest: Synonymous with Odyssey

Rear end

Side view


Nissan has released the first batch of teaser shots of its upcoming Quest minivan. Though the previous generation was something of an odd looker, this new Quest appears--at least in these photos--to ape some of the styling cues of the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey. Note the upright windshield, high nose, and extra short hood.
Caption by / Photo by Nissan
Out back, the rear end is a bit more unique, with its simpler lines, small and understated tail lamps, and minimal chrome trim. The overall effect is a more executive aesthetic than the Quest's competition.
Caption by / Photo by Nissan
Viewed in profile, the Quest is nothing special to look at. You'd easily mistake this silhouette for that of any other van on the market. One interesting design choice is the wrap-around glass a la Nissan Cube. At least it's a symmetrical design this time.
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The previous generation Quest's dashboard was a hodgepodge of poorly spaced controls. The new Quest benefits from Nissan/Infiniti's updated design language, which is quite a good thing. The minivan should also receive Nissan's latest suite of infotainment technologies.
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Electroluminescent gauges round out what appears to be one of the most handsome minivan interiors we've seen yet.
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