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Coming to this year's Tokyo Motor Show is Nissan's Land Glider concept car that leans into corners and runs off battery power only.

The Land Glider is a narrow two-seat car that leans into corners. So far it sounds suspiciously like the Carver One we saw at this year's Melbourne Motor Show, but even without knowing too many details there are two important differences: the Land Glider has four wheels, not three; and it's electrically powered.

Caption by / Photo by Nissan

Nissan hasn't been very forthcoming with details on the Land Glider. So much so that hens' teeth look plentiful in comparison. We will share what little we know though...

Caption by / Photo by Nissan

Yes, the Land Glider is very narrow. And no, we didn't mess around with this image in Photoshop.

Caption by / Photo by Nissan

Like the aforementioned Carver One, the Land Glider has room for two people, one behind the other.

Caption by / Photo by Nissan

Nissan has yet to give any specifics about the Glider's leaning mechanism, but we'd expect it to be an electro-hydraulic set up of some type.

Caption by / Photo by Nissan

We find it slightly odd that a narrow two-seat car has two doors.

Caption by / Photo by Nissan

The Land Glider's cabin mixes LCD futurism with leather-lined luxury.

Caption by / Photo by Nissan

No amount of future tech has spared the Land Glider from our most hated of features: the foot-operated parking brake.

Caption by / Photo by Nissan

It looks a mite claustrophobic in the back seat and we're curious to know what the button labelled "Push", to the left of the headrest, does.

Caption by / Photo by Nissan
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