The Boxster may have saved Porsche but to many it was a poor man's 911.
The new Boxster is immediately recognisable from the back.
The rear lights are also a giveaway.
It's not just Ferrari that has a prancing-horse logo.
This might be a road-going sports car, but sometimes you just want to show off that you could measure your lap times accurately.
Being mid-engined, the Boxster has always had great handling.
The new rear stops the Boxster from looking the same forwards as backwards.
This bright-red interior might not be to everyone's taste, but we liked it.
On the rare occasion that the weather in the UK is good enough to drive with the top down, a Boxster is a great car to have in the garage.
Crossing this threshold is a sure way of having a good time.
Porsche likes to make sure you never forget who made this car.
Even though you could consider it an entry-level Porsche, the new Boxster is one of the best cars the company currently builds.
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