Bentley's released details of a brand new Continental GT that looks set to be faster, prettier and more gadget-infested than the last.

Lodged inside its sweeping, hand-crafted dashboard is a new 8-inch touchscreen entertainment system that features a Google Maps-powered sat-nav. This, we expect, will feature-rich, Google-fied points of interest data (as seen on the TomTom Go Live 1000), plus detailed 3D maps.

The new Bentley Continental GT will also feature a choice of two high-end speaker systems, the first of which uses newfangled Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speakers.

Whereas ordinary loudspeakers operate using bulky, space-hogging magnets, BMR models are smaller and lighter. According to Bentley, they also offer a broader frequency range and less fading of sound over distance.

If BMR isn't your bag, Bentley offers a higher-end 11-speaker Naim set-up designed for audiophiles. This, we're told, produces 'concert-hall quality' sound reproduction for every occupant.

In addition to these gizmos, the Bentley Continental GT will feature a built-in 30GB hard drive (15GB of which is available for ripping CDs), iPod connectivity, Bluetooth, Freeview TV playback, its own bespoke phone handset, and a DVD player.

On the road, drivers will get their kicks from a choice of two engines, the most powerful of which is Bentley's epic 6-litre W12. This twin-turbo unit produces 567bhp, 700Nm of torque and helps the car hit 198mph by way of a 4.4-second 0-60mph time.

It isn't particularly economical, though. Bentley quotes combined fuel economy of just 17.1mpg and C02 emissions of 384g/km, so the car's roughly four times filthier than a Toyota Prius.

Luckily, the company's promised a slightly more sensible 4-litre V8, which it says will be available by the end of 2010. It's expected this will use less petrol and spit 40 per cent less CO2 than the 6-litre engine.

We'll be drooling all over the new Bentley Continental GT when we visit this year's Paris Motor Show in October 2010 so come back then for more information and hands-on pics. In the meantime, have a browse through our photo gallery above.

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OK, we've been found out. This picture shows the previous Bentley nav system. The new Google system will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show in October, but we'd expect it to sit in the same position..
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The car will get some fancy BMR speakers as standard, which promise increased frequency response and a better soundstage.
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The car has a deeper front grille and an angrier appearance.
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The rear, meanwhile, gets deeper bumpers.
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The 12-cylinder engine produces 567bhp and 700Nm of torque, which is more than most supercars.
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Huge carbon ceramic brakes help ensure the car stops as well as it goes.
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198mph, anyone?
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