Come the middle of July, Navman will have a new range of portable GPS units on sale and three quarters of the new line-up will feature 4.7-inch screens and traffic messaging as standard.

Dubbed the MY-Series, they will effectively replace the current S-Series Platinum models: the S100, S150, S200 and S300t. All units will feature the latest Navteq maps, extended lane guidance, junction views and, possibly the best feature from the Platinum models, a find feature that works across street names and points of interest. They also feature a version of the Platinum's iPhone-style glide to scroll interface, but apparently upgraded to make it usable.

The range kicks off with a 3.5-inch MY30, while a larger than normal 4.7-inch screen adorns the MY50T, MY55T and the MY500XT. The latter exclusively features a glossy capacitive touchscreen, the same technology seen on Apple's iPhone, an FM transmitter and multimedia playback; it also goes on sale later than the rest of the range in August. Traffic messaging is also standard across all the widescreen units.

Speaking at yesterday's press launch, Navman confirmed that the MY30 will be priced competitively against other 3.5-inch models, although final pricing isn't due for release until 1 July. According to Navman sources, the existing S35 and S45 models will remain on sale at low-end retailers, such as K-Mart.

The baby of the range features a 3.5-inch screen, the latest Navteq maps, keyword search, junction view and extended lane information. Wcities guide information for points of interest is included for Canberra only.

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Step up to the MY50T and you'll get a larger than normal 4.7-inch screen — the class standard is 4.3 inches across. Other upgrades include Suna traffic messaging with lifetime subscription, as well as Google or TrueLocal searching via Bluetooth and GPRS; there's no Bluetooth hands-free, however.

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Key upgrades for MY55T are 2GB of memory, higher capacity battery (three hours versus two), Bluetooth hands-free and 3D landmarks.

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Go all the way for the top-of-the-range model and you'll get a part metal body, the aforementioned glossy capacitive touchscreen, FM transmitter, music and video playback, and full Wcities and Lonely Planet guide book information for points of interest.

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