Little Big Mini

Mini continues to stretch and squeeze the Cooper with the debut of the Mini Cooper Paceman, the coupe variant of the enlarged Countryman.
Photo by: Mini/BMW


With the debut of the Cooper Paceman, Mini's lineup will grow to a total of seven models.
Photo by: Mini/BMW

All-wheel drive

The Paceman is based on the enlarged Countryman and retains its ALL-4 all-wheel drive system.
Photo by: Mini/BMW

Backwards cap

The "backward baseball cap" roofline of the Mini Coupe has been stretched to fit the larger vehicle.
Photo by: Mini/BMW

Two doors

The Mini Cooper Paceman is a coupe of sorts, stepping down to two doors versus the Countryman's four.
Photo by: Mini/BMW


Dimensions haven't been released just yet, so we're not sure if the Cooper Paceman is shorter in length than the Countryman. The crossover does appear to sit lower on its suspension than the four-door.
Photo by: Mini/BMW

Full frontal

The full-frontal view isn't the Paceman's best angle. Something about the bug eyes and frowning upper grill reminds me of a startled Muppet.
Photo by: Mini/BMW

Horizontal tail lamps

To help create the illusion of a low and wide coupe, Mini has moved to a horizontal tail lamps orientation -- a first for the brand.
Photo by: Mini/BMW

Muscular shoulders

Mini has also sculpted the rear end to accentuated the rear fender flairs, giving the Paceman a more muscular appearance than the doughy Countryman.
Photo by: Mini/BMW

Center rail

Inside, the Paceman retains the four-seater configuration for the Countryman, complete with that annoying center rail gimmick. Hopefully, a bench seat option will be made available.
Photo by: Mini/BMW
The larger Paceman gains the advantage of increased storage space over the standard Mini Cooper models.
Photo by: Mini/BMW

Engine options

Under the hood, the Mini Paceman will be powered by the same engine options as the Countryman. This means either a 121-horsepower 1.6-liter engine or a 181-horsepower turbocharged mill for the "Cooper S" variant. European markets will also have the choice of two diesel power plants.
Photo by: Mini/BMW

John Cooper Works in the works

Mini has stated in its release that a John Cooper Works variant of the Cooper Paceman is in development.
Photo by: Mini/BMW

City crossover

It would appear that the Paceman is aimed at affluent city dwellers who want a blend of crossover cargo space, small-car park-ability, and a sporty appearance.
Photo by: Mini/BMW


When the Paceman debuts, it will likely be cross-shopped with the Range Rover Evoque. Unfortunately, I think the angular Evoque has this one beat in the looks department.
Photo by: Mini/BMW

2012 Paris Motor Show

We expect to get more details and photos when the Mini Cooper Paceman debuts at the 2012 Paris Motor Show in just a few weeks.
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