Ready or not, here it comes

Despite supposedly recalling the bare bones Mini Moke, the Beachcomber concept features a lot of high-tech gear, including a cabling duct for all your electronic gadgets.

If any further proof was needed that a jacked-up Mini four-wheel drive is on the way, this is it.

Photo by: Mini

Rugged Detroit

The Mini Beachcomber concept car is due to make its in-the-flesh debut at the 2010 Detroit Motor Show in January.

Photo by: Mini

Almost there

We suspect that the Beachcomber is pretty close to the production Mini four-wheel drive, with the doors and tail-gate conveniently left out.

Photo by: Mini

The sorta Moke

The Beachcomber concept car is meant to recall the stripped down Mini Moke four-wheel drive from the 60's, which lacked doors, a steel roof and most of the conveniences that we take for granted nowadays.

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More than meets the eye

Despite looking for all the world like a spare wheel carrier, the Beachcomber utilises run-flat tyres, so the tacked-on compartment at the back is simply a lockable case for the trendy go-getters' gear.

Photo by: Mini

Centre Rail

Unlike the stripped-to-the-bones Moke, the Beachcomber comes with an integrated cabling duct dubbed Centre Rail. Mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS units, chilled eskies, laptops or anything electric can be connected anywhere along the rail.

Photo by: Mini

We've met before, right?

The Beachcomber concept car is a refinement of the earlier Crossover concept from 2008.

Photo by: Mini
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