We didn't see this one coming. In a move that could have the chaps over at Tesla quaking in their boots, Mercedes has dropped the bombshell that it's developed an all-electric version of its forthcoming SLS AMG supercar.

Whereas the standard SLS AMG uses a 6.3-litre V8 internal combustion engine, this one is powered by a modular, liquid-cooled, 400V lithium-ion battery with an energy content of 48kWh and a 40Ah capacity. Each of its three modules are spread evenly around the car (in front of the firewall, in the centre tunnel and behind the seats) to give the SLS AMG balanced weight distribution, which should aid its handling.

Road-sticking is further helped by a four-wheel drive system. The SLS AMG uses four individual electric motors and two separate transmissions, producing a thoroughly terrifying 392kW (525hp). Mercedes-Benz reckons it'll do 0-60mph in "approximately 4 seconds", but that's a pretty conservative estimate, considering the 288hp Tesla Sport does 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and delivers just 400Nm of torque to the SLS AMG's frankly ludicrous 880Nm. Yes, we said 880Nm. Accelerating in this car is going to feel like being kicked in the back by a shire horse.

Aside from this, there's very little information on the all-electric SLS AMG, but it'll be unveiled (alongside its dirty petrol-powered brother) at the Frankfurt Motor Show in mid-September. We're thoroughly excited by it, so you can expect more information the second it becomes available. Click through the pictures in our gallery for more info.

These shots are of a petrol-powered SLS AMG that's been heavily disguised to mask what the final production car will look like. There's no fooling us, though: the finished machine will look stunning.
It has two electric motors and a transmission up front...
...and a similar configuration round the back.
Again, this car is heavily disguised so the motoring press can't get a proper look at it until its unveiling, but we can tell it's going to look spectacular.
An interior shot. We've no confirmation on cabin tech as yet, but we'll update you as soon as we get word.
That's the last one... now wipe your drool.
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