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The owner saw me taking pictures of this car and asked me if I wanted the guy who painted his car phone number. I took everything in me not to LOL! --Torrey H.
Caption by / Photo by Torrey H.
Ford Five Hundred donk on 22" rims? --Daniel M.
Caption by / Photo by Daniel M.
Hey Car Tech Crew! Just wanted to send along this LOL Car I spotted in the parking lot of MicroCenter. ...because us computer nerds like to keep it classy. --Spotted by Steven P. during a trip to Houston, TX
Caption by / Photo by Steven P.
Submitted by Victor
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Submitted by Victor C.
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Crown Vic convertible on I-275 in Tampa. Seriously? I wonder what it looks like with the top up? Actually, no I don't... --Donovan M.
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The Trix Monte Carlo (in St. Petersburg). Trix are for kids? I think General Mills would attempt to file for a cease and desist order if they every laid their eyes on this... --Donovan M.
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The Caddy Camper. Words simply cannot describe this thing. Saw it in a Home Depot parking lot (also in St. Petersburg). I wasn't the only one to stop and take a picture. I truly wonder what goes on in that camper. Oh wait, like the Crown Vic, I don't want to know... --Donovan M.
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2nd generation leopard Prius submitted by Ross B.
Caption by / Photo by submitted by Ross B.
OK, I cant take credit for this pic, but it's too funny NOT to pass on to the LOL cars segment. --J. Neal G. in Atlanta, GA
Caption by / Photo by J. Neal G. in Atlanta, GA
Submitted by Alex B.
Caption by / Photo by Submitted by Alex B.
Saw this at a Target. --Hunter
Caption by / Photo by Hunter
These are not really LOL cars but there are 2 Subaru Baja's less than 50 feet apart --Victor von Pasadena
Caption by / Photo by Victor von Pasadena
I saw this and thought of you guys. Enjoy! --JRJ
Caption by / Photo by jrjkrall
Near Dallas Texas I was driving by the bass pro shop and saw this in the parking lot. --Tanner
Caption by / Photo by Tanner
Spotted by Scott in Brimfield, Ohio
Caption by / Photo by Scott in Brimfield, Ohio
I was leaving the parking lot and i saw this person spray painted the back of his scion and slapped on their license plate in an awkward manner. -- Viet T., Bel Air, Maryland
Caption by / Photo by Viet T., Bel Air, Maryland
Spotted this gem in Hollywood, FL. Hummer H3 - note the brush guard and roof rack homemade out of Uni-Strut. -- Matt S.
Caption by / Photo by Matt S.
I saw this GMC or Tahoe SUV on the way to the mall, literally everything is blacked out except for the pink rims of course. -- Viet T., Bel Air, Maryland
Caption by / Photo by Viet T., Bel Air, Maryland
I found this car in the parking lot of a MacDonalds and just had to take a picture. -- Tim from Nashville, TN
Caption by / Photo by Tim from Nashville, TN
Found these at a local Honda dealer. They were dealer installed on a 2011 Accord. -- Alan G.
Caption by / Photo by Alan G.
I was lucky enough to snap a pic of this doozy today! It's your typical Crown Vic, but the mason-turned-body-worker had the bright idea to tile the top where the upholstery used to be. I hope you get a kick out it! Enjoy! -- Taylor F.
Caption by / Photo by Taylor F.
I saw this on the way to work and this person really wanted people to know that he was driving a honda civic which loosely resembles the Bel Air sheriffs car. -- Viet T., Bel Air, Maryland
Caption by / Photo by Viet T., Bel Air, Maryland
I know this isn't a real Porche but at least have some respect for the paint job. I found this in East Marion, NY -- Jose from Brooklyn
Caption by / Photo by Jose from Brooklyn
Another Southern Oregon gem. Looks like a 1990s Mercedes 300 E(l Camino). The green astroturf on the deck for the non-scratch surface and the tie-downs are options from the Pro-Tip list. Jeff S. from Grants Pass, OR.
Caption by / Photo by Jeff S. from Grants Pass, OR
This is just nasty...

Jose D. from Brooklyn
Caption by / Photo by Jose D. from Brooklyn
Sup guys, this tasteless soul attempted to make his Honda Odyssey "sporty"... He even went as far as buying a carbon fiber [rear] door.

Jose D. from Brooklyn
Caption by / Photo by Jose D. from Brooklyn
Submitted by Philip in Oakland, CA
Caption by / Photo by Submitted by Philip in Oakland, CA
Sorry for the blurry picture. I was laughing until the owner took exception and I needed to make a quick exit. Those exhaust pipes look similar to the ones I put on my Honda XR 75 that I had when I was growing up. Thanks for collecting these pictures.

Ben in Millican, Texas
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I'm not sure what they have inside this (Bronco 2?) But if it needs wooden storm shutters and a padlock to keep it in, I am going to stay out of their way.

Jeff S. from Grants Pass
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Hi guys. I was on my way to work one day and as I was about to get on the freeway, I saw this getting off the freeway. When I went home that night, I spotted it parked in this lot and had to turn around and take this picture. I called it 'the party bus' but I'd be afraid to set foot inside. I guarantee this is a one-off. Enjoy.

Thanks, Daryn
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Hi, Car Tech guys. This is Brian from Houston, formally from San Jose. This car was in the parking lot at the hospital I work at. I'm an avid listener; keep up the good work.

P.S. Hey, Cooley! I haven't seen JAG in any of the recent reviews. I sort of miss it.
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Saw this and just HAD to send it to your show. Very strange looking to put it mildly. Love the podcast/show. It's entertaining, informative and refreshing. Keith Suffolk County Long Island NY
Caption by / Photo by Keith in Long Island
Saw this while I was on assignment in Mississippi, it's the best and worst thing I've ever seen on the road.
Caption by / Photo by Billy F.
I don't know if I should feel disgusted or if I should feel sorry for the poor fool who came up with this... Whats the point?? It's not even a 4 wheel drive vehicle... Idiot... I'm so mad lol.
Caption by / Photo by Jose from Brooklyn
"This Cam-ouflage-ry was seen in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley."
--Lew W.
Caption by / Photo by Lew W.
"Not sure what is 22 inches on this car. They like the braves I guess."
--Neal G. in Atlanta, GA
Caption by / Photo by Neal G. in Atlanta, GA
I hope he got some Wonka money for that.

-Eamon in Toledo, OH
Caption by / Photo by OH,Eamon in Toledo
I saw this while driving on I95 in Jacksonville Fl and thought it would make a good addition to your lol cars.

--D. Bisel
Caption by / Photo by D. Bisel
I saw this car for sale in Bradenton, FL and I have a few questions...

--Torrey H.
Caption by / Photo by Torrey H.
"Hi, this can't be legal. Pictures taken in Mission Viejo, CA"
--Ramon from Los Angeles CA
Caption by / Photo by CA,Ramon from Los Angeles
The badges on the tail say "thong edition."
--J. Neal G.
Caption by / Photo by J. Neal G.
"Found this in Fort Worth, TX. Lambos doors are so played out Lambos don't have them. Yet this Galant does. [It's a] sneaky cell phone shot so I apologize for the quality."
--Dwane M.
Caption by / Photo by Dwane M.
Jose found this half-van in Queens.
Caption by / Photo by Jose
"This is not your father's Element." -Brydon
Caption by / Photo by Brydon
Explain this, original Fiat 500 with a rack of retractable bowling pins.
Caption by / Photo by Wayne Cunningham/CNET
Check out this LOL car! Spotted in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Caption by / Photo by endokendo
Our own Brian Cooley spotted this abomination.
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A user spotted this low rider bus in Yorba Linda, CA.
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Here's a jalopy I saw in Reno Nevada. They started with a Hyundai and cut the top and back off to make it a trike.--Nick in Reno
Caption by / Photo by Nick in Reno, NV
What is it with people having things stick out of their Smart cars? This guy has a wind-up key by the license plate that is somehow hooked into the electrical system of the car and spins when the car is turned on.
Caption by / Photo by Shan N., Atlanta, GA
"Something tells me that the driver of this donk has zero street cred when rolling through the 'hood in this Olds Cutlass. That said, the finish on the car looks pretty good and it even comes with a matching Hello Kitty pillow on the front dash."--Shan N., Atlanta, GA
Caption by / Photo by Shan N., Atlanta, GA
"Spied this just north of Salt Lake City, Utah. Yes, in tow is a totally gutted, roll-bar reinforced, radiator-modified, mud-caked, canoe-carrying, Baja-buggy style (wait for it)... Pontiac Fiero! Love the podcast."--Jack from Salt Lake City
Caption by / Photo by Jack from Salt Lake City
"It's a woody Scion xB!"--Chase P.
Caption by / Photo by Chase P.
This Jag with a Maori tattoo was spotted in Brooklyn, N.Y. by reader Eric M.
Caption by / Photo by Eric M. in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Reader Brian B. found this Dodge CaraRam in Augusta, GA. We're guessing it started life as a Caravan before being converted into a truck.
Caption by / Photo by Brian B. in Augusta, GA
"Here is a sweet Toyota motorhome that I saw in Portland, Ore. It's kinda 'Beverly Hillbillies' meets 10x10 Home Depot shed."--Nick A.
Caption by / Photo by Nick A. in Portland Oregon
"Hey guys, I've seen this car twice now and I finally was able to grab a picture of this beauty in Woodinville, WA. I was laughing so hard I couldn't come up with a witty comment/caption for this. Check out the awesome joints connecting the different segments! Thanks!" -Ryan W.
Caption by / Photo by Ryan W.
"For your LOLCars pleasure: It's sort of not the General Lee. I only got this one picture because I took it while walking up to the car and rounding to the driver side. As I got a few steps past the driver's side and turned around - there was someone getting into the car. The must have been right behind me as I walked up. This is a shame as I didn't get a good pic of the flag on the roof. Or the "yeah it's got a Hemi" stickers on the rear side windows. I only got one glimpse inside but I seem to remember racing-bucket look alike seat covers." --Jeff S. from Grants Pass, OR
Caption by / Photo by Jeff S. from Grants Pass, OR
This clever Smart ForTwo owner seems to have found a humorous way to justify driving such a tiny car.
Caption by / Photo by John T. from the Internet
Bill C. in Baltimore, MD asks, "At what moment will he realize the spare is the wrong size?"
Caption by / Photo by Bill C. in in Baltimore, MD
"This Nissan 240sx with a DIY (or WTF) body kit was seen in Burbank, Calif."--Amy
Caption by / Photo by Amy W.
"My sister and I saw this car at a festival. It's not exactly a LOLcar, but we could not figure out what it was. We tried Google photo search on the symbol, but no luck. I thought maybe you all might know."--Stephen from Ohio

Answer: It's a '90s-vintage Eagle Vision.

Caption by / Photo by Stephen from Ohio
"It's as if a Corvair and Honda had a baby!"--Dave
Caption by / Photo by Dave
This guy clearly wanted a red car, but figured painting would be too easy. Instead, he covered the entire silver vehicle in red objects. Admire the creativity, but beware the dog!
Caption by / Photo by Michael W. of Studio City, Calif.
"This Cadillac/El Camino was sighted at Charlotte Motor Speedway last weekend. It's a 1976 model that could be yours for $6,500. The car actually showed nicely (believe it or not)."--Ed O. in Charlotte, N.C.
Caption by / Photo by Ed O. in Charlotte, N.C.
"I saw this driving in Kabul, Afghanistan. This is a Toyota Tacoma crew cab pickup with a Toyota land cruiser passenger cabin replacing the bed of the pickup."--Manuel in Kabul, Afghanistan
Caption by / Photo by Manuel in Kabul, Afghanistan
"Check out this custom camper. It has its own landscape, too."--Albert in Houston
Caption by / Photo by Albert in Houston
"I just came back from a vacation in California. Here are a couple of photos of a car I found parked in Los Angeles. When I saw it I thought of your show immediately, pulled over, and took the photos."--Alan in Toronto
Caption by / Photo by Alan in Toronto
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Caption by
"What attracted me to this car in Lake Placid, N.Y., was the double red racing stripe on the back hood, which was so out of place. Then, I noticed the bumper stickers were literally holding onto or taking the place of rocker panels. Around front the nice unmatched yellow lower bumper trim. Well, it matches the back but what's with the bottom of each door painted a different color?"--Michael "Cedar Eden" from Saranac Lake, N.Y. (I'm driving racing red Kia Forte coupe LOLed up with lots of flashing red LED lighting inside--guess I'm a closet LOLer.)
Caption by / Photo by Michael
"My sister-in-law found this on in northern New Jersey. The picture was taken a little too close, but you can see the lovely styling touches like lots of chrome and air horns on the hood. (Who does that?!?) Haha!"--Dan
Caption by / Photo by Dan in New Jersey
"I saw this Ferrari-themed Scion on my way to work. What the picture doesn't show is the racing stripes down the middle of the car (white with smaller yellow and green)."--Brandon J. from Washington, D.C.
Caption by / Photo by Brandon J. from Washington, D.C.
"Aloha, check out this duct tape paint job. Love the shows."--Steve in Hawaii
Caption by / Photo by Steve in Hawaii
"Here's another LOLcar from Melbourne. It's not necessarily a LOLcar, but a trailer converted from a Ford XR6 Ute (Australian for a coupe pickup/utility)."--Tai in Melbourne, Australia
Caption by / Photo by Tai in Melbourne, Australia
"This is a funny license plate I see all the time; it belongs to my neighbor."--Andrew in Seattle
Caption by / Photo by Andrew in Seattle, WA
"[I] saw this Suzuki Swift on my lunch break. You can tell where the owner got their inspiration."--Tai from Melbourne, Australia
Caption by / Photo by Tai from Melbourne, Australia
"Enjoy the podcasts on a weekly basis. Have been dowloading regularly for a few years now, back here in Blighty. I have been meaning to send you these LOL photos ever since you started featuring them on your show. I took these in August '09 in the local supermarket carpark in Solihull (home of Land Rover) one early morning. It's an original Mini jacked up on what looks like a Suzuki chassis. Apologies for the quality of the photos, I only had an old Nokia at the time but have upgraded to an iPhone since."--(Mr.) Jan Prins Solihull, England
Caption by / Photo by (Mr) Jan Prins
"Hard to tell from picture but this is a quality paint job, so they had to spend about three times the Kelly Blue Book value of the car on the custom paint."--Chris of Edmond, Okla.
Caption by / Photo by Chris of Edmond, Okla.
Miguel C. spotted this Honda Accord in Pembroke Pines, Fla.
Caption by / Photo by Miguel C.
Someone uses his car to store papers. This pic was taken in Chelsea, N.Y.
Caption by / Photo by Jose D.
Vijay K. sends us this LOLcar without a description. We're at a loss for words as well.
Caption by / Photo by Vijay K.
"I saw this car the other day in traffic on my way to work on Hilton Head Island, S.C. He must own an aquarium or have a strange obsession with fish. As a caviat to Hilton Head, this car had out of state plates--Georgia ones to be specific. Comments, Antuan? Not your usual sight on La Isla..."--Jim M.
Caption by / Photo by Jim M.
Submitted by Paul M. from the Internet.
Caption by / Photo by Paul M.
Listener Jeremy saw this Turd/Ford on I-680 in Milpitas, Calif.
Caption by
"I saw this vehicle outside a pawn shop in Minneapolis, Minn. I don't know what to think of it. It is covered with wooden masks and other 'memorabilia.'"--Brent in the Twin Cities
Caption by
"I saw this vehicle outside a pawn shop in Minneapolis. I don't know what to think of it. It is covered with wooden masks and other 'memorabilia.'"--Brent in the Twin Cities
Caption by
Torrey H. in Atlanta sends us this Nissan Pathfinder that looks like it's been painted up by a Georgia Tech fan.
Caption by / Photo by Torrey H.
"While on a Route 66 road trip this past fall, my wife and I and stumbled upon this 'dental' car in downtown Springfield, Ill. I think it 'speaks' for itself."--Sal L. of Concord, Ohio
Caption by / Photo by Sal L.
"Anyway, I was on my way home from Maryland after checking out a 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder, which I bought, when I made a pit stop in a service area on I-95 that I came upon this car. The quality of the pictures aren't the greatest since it was taken at night with the camera from my Droid.

Just in case you guys are wondering, yes, that is a fairy poster of the Hoff."--Ray from Cherry Hill, N.J.
Caption by / Photo by Ray from Cherry Hill, N.J.
Listener Miguel C sends us this...well, we're not really sure what to make of this.
Caption by / Photo by Miguel C.
"I saw this bejeweled jeep at the beach in Oceanside, Calif."--Mathew S.
Caption by / Photo by Mathew S.
"Here are some shots of a Ford with U.K. license plates on the highway from Antwerp to Belgium. I took these shots in September 2008. Found them recently when cleaning up my system."--Marc in Luxembourg
Caption by / Photo by Marc V.
"We spotted this in Gainburg, Tenn. They get extra points for having enough sense to keep the gas can outside of the vehicle."--Greg R.
Caption by / Photo by Greg R.
Listener Dan W. sends us this crazy colored Isetta.
Caption by / Photo by Dan W.
"My older brother took these pictures while he was on spring break in Daytona Beach, probably 1977 or 1978. At least they got a thumbs up!"--Andrew B.
Caption by / Photo by Andrew B.
"Spotted in Greece."--George P.
Caption by
"Seen at the Woodward Dream Cruise."--Dan W.
Caption by / Photo by Dan W.
"Seen at the Woodward Dream Cruise."--Dan W.
Caption by / Photo by Dan W.