We're a fickle bunch here at Crave. Only yesterday we were willing to sell our grandmothers for 5 minutes in a back alley with the Pagani Huayra, but here we are, just a short time later, about to offer our first-borns for a quick blast in the new Koenigsegg Agera R -- the harder, faster version of last year's Agera.

We're total car hussies, we admit it. But we've good reason to be -- the Agera R is gorgeous and ridiculously fast. Koenigsegg compares the car's design to a dolphin, claiming it makes for improved ergonomics and aerodynamics. Personally, we feel slightly cheated -- the car has an optional ski box instead of a dorsal fin, and we're willing to bet our houses that it can't do somersaults out of the water.

What it can do, however, is shift -- fast. Koenigsegg claims the Agera R has the lightest and most compact engine of all hypercars. According to the company, the car's flywheel, clutch, dry-sump system, exhaust manifold and turbo weigh a mere 197kg. The engine's compact size and light weight don't compromise its performance, though. The 5-litre V8 develops a frightening 900bhp and produces over 1,000Nm of torque from as little as 2,500rpm.

All of that power gives the Agera R a 0-60mph sprint time of 2.9 seconds. That's over half a second quicker than the Pagani Huayra, and get this -- the Agera R's top speed is a theoretical 275mph, thanks to an adjustable rear wing that changes its angle at high speeds to reduce drag from 0.37cd to 0.33cd.

Alas, the closest most of us mere mortals will ever get to seeing one of these cars is looking through the photos in the gallery above. Enjoy.

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