Tiger nose

Sports sedan

Rear wheel driven

Suicide doors?

Will Kia build it?

Kia Motors gives us a sneak peek at its sport sedan concept for the 2011 International Motor Show in Frankfurt. From this cropped shot, we get a look at the automaker's new direction for its "Tiger Nose" design language.
Caption by / Photo by Kia Motors
We can see echoes of the Aston Martin Rapide in Kia's concept sedan when viewed from this angle.
Caption by / Photo by Kia Motors
Power from the yet unspecified engine will meet the road at the rear wheels, which means that this concept will likely be powered by parts from the Hyundai Genesis Coupe or Sedan's parts bin. But will it get the 2.0T four-cylinder or the 3.8-liter V-6? We're guessing that Kia will go big and use the Genesis Sedan R-Spec's new 5.0-liter V-8.
Caption by / Photo by Kia Motors
The nearly invisible door handles of the front and rear doors meet at a central seam, implying that the rear doors swing open suicide style to create a massive pillar-less opening into the cabin. We've seen Kia's sibling Hyundai do this on their Veloster, albeit on one side only.
Caption by / Photo by Kia Motors
Conceptual touches like the rearview cameras in place of wing mirrors likely won't make it to production, but we wouldn't be surprised to see this car at a Kia dealership within a few years.
Caption by / Photo by Kia Motors
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