Kia's designers have historically prioritised function over funk. However, the Korean car company's set to embrace an altogether more dramatic design language if pictures of a new concept are anything to go by.

The renders, spotted on, show a vehicle we believe will be known as the Kia GT. As you can see for yourselves, it's not typical Kia fare. It's a sleek, four-door coupe with a Maserati-inspired profile, an aggressive Citroen GT-style front end, a muscular, understated rear and those doors.

The car was purportedly styled in Kia's Frankfurt design stydios by former Audi design honcho Peter Schreyer. According to the man himself, the GT is "roaring with energy and ready for take-off" regardless of which angle it's observed from. That's a bit of an exaggeration if you ask us, but it's certainly a striking alternative to cars such as the BMW 5 series or Jaguar XJ.

Sadly, the GT is unlikely to be released in this form. Kia says what we see here isn't a preview for a particular vehicle, but rather a statement of the company's intent to create vehicles that feature more radical styling.

If the company receives positive feedback about the car's styling and believes it can compete with existing vehicles in its segment, we could have a half decent-looking grand tourer-cum-executive saloon saloon that, in typical Kia fashion, represents fantastic value for money.

Have a gander through the images in our photo gallery to take a closer look at the GT and check back for more information on this vehicle and others as we report from the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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