Insane mods for your Tesla

These upgrades make this vehicle even more luxurious and high tech.

Lance Cartelli
Lance Cartelli is an Emmy Award-winning producer and writer based in Los Angeles, California.
Lance Cartelli
1 of 20 LumiLor

Electroluminescent paint

Developed by Darkside Scientific, this ingenious paint job lets drivers custom-animate their Tesla's exterior. The exquisite color isn't always lit up, however. By turning off the electric current, the Tesla looks like just a normal car.

This paint job can be seen in the film "Racing Extinction."

2 of 20 "Racing Extinction"

Integrated projector

A cool custom paint job isn't the only modification made to the "Racing Extinction" Tesla. In the rear of the car, there's a motorized projector that seemingly appears out of nowhere.

The projector, created by Obscura Digital, projects at a bright 15,000 lumens.

3 of 20 FLIR

Integrated FLIR camera

While the electroluminescent paint and the rear projector are pretty sweet additions to the Tesla, the modifications wouldn't have been complete without using the vehicle's ample storage up front.

In "Racing Extinction," the FLIR (forward looking infrared) camera mod is attached to the Tesla's front trunk. It's also equipped with a special optic fiber, the FLIR SC8300, that allows the filmmakers to show the amount of CO2 emitted from any source.

4 of 20 eCoupled

Charge a Tesla sans wires

Tired of messing around with a cord to charge your Tesla? Well, a company called eCoupled claims it can make that problem a thing of the past.

The eCoupled system utilizes induction coils to wirelessly add juice to your Tesla's battery, and it is 90 percent as efficient as wired charging.

It's as easy as just parking the car on top of the charger to enable it. But that's not all...

5 of 20 eCoupled

And track the progress with an app

The charging system comes with an iPhone app that relays information regarding local charging zones. The app also gives updates on the vehicle's charging status.

6 of 20 eCoupled

Don’t worry, it’s safe!

The powerful glowing induction ring is also enabled to detect when humans or animals are near the charger, triggering an automatic shutdown for safety.

7 of 20 Imaginechina/Corbis

Magnetically held license plate

This might be the easiest way to place a license plate on your Tesla without having to drill a hole in that beloved machine of yours. And with more than 30 states requiring a front license plate, the magnetic holder might just be the safest way to avoid a ticket, too.

8 of 20 EVAnnex

Custom center console

In 2013, EVAnnex created a center console insert for the Model S that lets you add extra storage and multiple cupholders. The addition also allows the choice of the deck finish and upholstery color. The insert starts at $395.

9 of 20 Brabus

Brabus' Tesla

Brabus, known mostly for its work on Mercedes-Benz's AMG performance models, decided to put a twist on the Tesla. Brabus didn't focus on the performance of the car. Instead the company upgraded the aesthetics and functionality of the popular vehicle.

10 of 20 Brabus

Inductive phone-charging pad

One of the coolest mods in Brabus' finely-tuned Tesla is its inductive phone charger. The center console comes with a pad equipped to wirelessly charge your smartphone. That is, if your cell has the functionality.

11 of 20 Brabus

And it will heat or cool a beverage

Wirelessly charging your phone isn't even the coolest part of Brabus' center console. This Tesla includes integrated cupholders that can be set to cool or heat your drink. You'll never have to worry about your cup of coffee getting cold again.

12 of 20 Brabus

Upgraded wheels

Brabus also bolted up its 21-inch "Platinum Edition" alloy wheels to give this supercar even more elegance. The modified wheels are lighter than Tesla's stock wheels, which makes the car even more limber on the road.

13 of 20 Vossen Wheels

Carbon fiber vinyl wrap

One cost-effective solution to to help add some excitement to a Tesla's existing paint job is to wrap it in carbon-fiber vinyl. This isn't your typical wrap. This modification allows car owners to avoid the loooong process of re-painting their car by transforming the exterior into a luxurious style of their choice.

14 of 20 TeslaTap

Projector Tesla logo lights

This custom look will have fellow Tesla owners' jaws hitting the ground. The Tesla projector light can be installed in place of the puddle lights that are on the side of the door panels.

What's more, this upgrade will cost around $30 in parts, without having to cut a single wire.

15 of 20 TeslaTap

Dashboard cameras

Dashboard cameras, better known as dash cams, have become a popular product among car enthusiasts recently, especially with Tesla owners.

Not only does adding a dash cam help with the car's security, it's also is a fun way to capture all the heart-racing action while zooming around town.

16 of 20 T Sportsline

Customizable interior

Many Tesla owners feel the need to upgrade the interior in their new car. T Sportline offers plush interiors borrowed from other popular sports cars. The Tesla tuner company offers leather, suede and Alcantara interiors inspired by Bentley and Ferrari.

17 of 20 EVAnnex

Illuminated 'T'

This aftermarket product from EVAnnex is for those certain drivers who want it to be crystal clear that they are the proud owner of a Tesla.

The lit-up 'T' on the front and back of the Model S costs a cool $449.

18 of 20 Moscow Tesla Club

Owner spends $30,000 to transform Tesla interior to BMW style

One Tesla owner from Moscow wanted a little more luxury in his Tesla, so, naturally, he spent $30,000 to completely redesign the interior of his Model S.

To customize the Tesla, he swapped the seats for BMW's memory-foam cushions. He also added perforated leather to the steering wheel, along with a brand-new center console insert.

You can watch the pricey transformation here.

19 of 20 EVAnnex

The Strut collection

The Strut collection is one of the quickest ways to upgrade the luxury in the Tesla Model S. The full Strut collection, valued at a whopping $14,250, includes a carbon-fiber grille, a rear spoiler, Icon T wheels and upgraded side trim.

20 of 20 Unplugged Performance

Carbon fiber rear diffuser

Adding a carbon-fiber rear diffuser to a Tesla Model S will undoubtedly help its performance on the road -- at least aesthetically. Unplugged Performance, makers of the upgraded rear diffuser, also claims the unit improves the Model S' aerodynamics.

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