At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, Honda unveiled its U3-X personal mobility device that may save some of us from the nasty habit of walking in the future.

Perched on the device, the rider pilots the U3-X just by shifting their weight around. With its single wheel and the Honda Omni Traction Drive System — rather conveniently contracted to HOT Drive System — the U3-X can move forwards, backwards, sideways and diagonally.

Photo by: Honda

Asimo, here I come

The incline sensor that judges the rider's intentions via weight shift, as well as the U3-X's balancing technologies, are derived from Honda's Asimo robot project.

Photo by: Honda


The U3-X packs up neatly into a slim-line form and, according to Honda, weighs less than 10kg.

Photo by: Honda

Powered by ions

The U3-X is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that should last for about an hour's worth of riding.

Photo by: Honda

Hello walking people

Standing 65cm tall, the U3-X is designed so that riders are at about the same eye height as humans who have to manage that cumbersome task of walking.

Photo by: Honda

HOT driving

The Honda Omni Traction Drive System works by having a whole series of small wheels — the grey wheels with the white dots — that move the U3-X sideways. The small wheels are also chained together allowing the U3-X to go forwards or backwards.

Photo by: Honda
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