Honda EV-N concept

The Honda EV-N will be on display at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show as a part of Honda's "HELLO! Zone" electric vehicle showcase.

Details about the powertrain are still fuzzy and vague, but we do know that it's all electric.
Photo by: Honda

Communicating grille

The EV-N's grill houses a display that can communicate certain information to the owner. Potential applications include battery charge state, system warnings, etc.
Photo by: Honda

What that supposed to mean?

Is this the battery charge meter or the turn indicator? We won't know for certain until Tokyo.
Photo by: Honda


The EV-N's aesthetic lands somewhere between robot-pug and plastic panda. However, hints of the true source of inspiration can be found in the EV-N moniker. Take a look at the Honda N 360 of the 60s and you'll see what I mean.
Photo by: Honda


There's only really space for 2 passengers in the EV-N microcar, but there's seating for 4. Tiny wheels and a short overall length are the hallmarks of a low-speed, easy-to-park city car.
Photo by: Honda

Details, details

If you look close, you'll see that the flap covering the charger is shaped like a two-pronged electrical plug. Other design cues include a rear hatch that aligns with the belt line. We're not sure how that will help with loading/unloading, but it looks pretty neat.
Photo by: Honda
The roof appears to integrate solar panels, potentially to augment the battery charging or to run auxiliary systems, such as the climate control.
Photo by: Honda

Honda U3-X unicycle storage

The door houses and charges Honda's U3-X unicycle, a concept that aims to make its users look even goofier than Segway riders.
Photo by: Honda


Inside the EV-N displays a clean and Apple-esque aesthetic. White and grey plastic panels and seats are offset by a piano black dashboard. Instrumentation has been reduced to a single central gauge.

Look closely and you'll see a tiny Prius-like, dash-mounted gear selector.
Photo by: Honda

Space for four

There's space for four in the EV-N, but those back seats don't look particularly comfortable.
Photo by: Honda

Changable seat panels

If you don't like the color of the seat accents, then just pop the panel out and replace it with a pattern that better matches your vibe.
Photo by: Honda

Rear storage

You'll have to decide between carrying more friends or more stuff, because storage space is almost non-existent without the rear seats folded flat.
Photo by: Honda
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