Honda CR-Z gets a modest upgrade for 2013 (pictures)

Despite a lukewarm reception by enthusiasts, Honda hasn't given up on the CR-Z hybrid sports coupe. For the 2013 model year, the CR-Z gets a styling update and a modest power bump.
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET

A bit more power please

Honda has boosted the output of both the gasoline and electric elements of the CR-Z's IMA hybrid power-train. The 1.5-liter gasoline engine outputs 7 more horses than previously for a new maximum of 119 horsepower. Along with the electric motor's contribution, the CR-Z now makes a total of 137 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque.
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Fuel economy

Fuel economy hasn't been adversely affected by the boost in power, sitting at about 45 mpg combined on the European test cycle.
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Styling updates

The styling upgrades are also subtle, including tweaks to the front bumper, the grille, and the addition of LED daytime running lights to the headlamp cluster.
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Purple power

The 2013 model also gains this new deep purple color option and new 17-inch alloy wheels.
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET


Viewed from the inside, the changes to the 2013 CR-Z are even more difficult to spot, but there's one new feature to be found here that's rather cool.
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Drive modes

Like the previous model year, the 2013 CR-Z still features Normal, Econ, and Sport drive programs accessible from this bank of buttons.
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET

S+ kicked in, yo!

Check the CR-Z's steering wheel and you'll spot a new round, silver button. Pressing this S+ button activates a 10-second electric motor boost that improves acceleration. The S+ button only works, however, when the CR-Z's battery pack is charged to 50 percent or more.
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Shifting gears

The CR-Z will be available with Honda's CVT automatic transmission, but we're most pleased to see the six-speed manual transmission make a return appearance.
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Dashboard tech

Cabin tech remains unchanged. Drivers will have a choice between this basic rig or a touch-screen navigation system. Check out our full review of the previous generation Honda CR-Z for an idea of what to expect.
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Early 2013

The ever-so-slightly more powerful Honda CR-Z will go on sale in January 2013.
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET
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