Futuristic cars weren't the only thing heating up the show floor at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show this week. Honda has unveiled a single-seat trike concept, known as the 3R-C, designed to get you to and from the office in, er, style.

The 3R-C looks like a cross between the Tron bikes and ED-209 from Robocop, but with fewer guns and a glass canopy you can ride inside. Its lid stays open to deflect wind and rain whenever it's being ridden/driven/whatever you call it, and closes again when the trike is parked, protecting the cabin from the elements/errant children/pigeon droppings.

The 3R-C is different to standard bikes in that it has three wheels -- two up front and one at the rear, driven by an electric motor. This gives it better low-speed stability than a normal motorbike and should help it appeal to people who've never ridden one, but like the idea of nipping in and out of traffic on a nimble urban vehicle.

At the time of writing, Honda's released no information on the vehicle's speed or range, but the company says both these aspects are being tested as you read this. We'll update you with more news as it's made available to us, but in the meantime, go have a squiz at the pictures we took by clicking the 'Continue' link below.

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Two wheels at the front give the 3R-C the kind of low-speed stability bikes can only dream of -- even George Bush could ride one without falling off. Maybe.
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The 3R-C looks to have a good aerodynamic design. More importantly, we've always wanted to ride the bikes from Tron.
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The rear wheel is driven by an electric motor, powered by an onboard battery.
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