Two electric cars at Heathrow Airport

Pods at Terminal 5 awaiting passengers

Passengers requesting pods at Terminal 5

Pods traveling along dedicated roadway

A pod on a roadway at Healthrow Airport

Pods operating in snow

A pod operating in snow

Autonomous cars aren't the future--they're already here and in use in London. Heathrow Airport swapped two diesel buses for 22 electric pods that shuttle passengers from Terminal 5 to the parking lot without the help of a driver.
Caption by / Photo by Ultra PRT
Each electric pod can carry up to four passengers and their luggage.
Caption by / Photo by Ultra PRT
At the terminal, passengers request a pod and enter their destination to tell the pod where they want to go.
Caption by / Photo by Ultra PRT
In the pod, passengers don't have to worry about traffic or the pod's ability to navigate around cars because they travel on designated roadways, and it takes about 5-6 minutes to travel approximately 1.2 miles to the T5 Business Car Park.
Caption by / Photo by Ultra PRT
The autonomous vehicles, made by Ultra PRT, have yet to be in an accident, according to an article in The New York Times.
Caption by / Photo by Ultra PRT
They operate at a top speed of around 25 mph, and can handle light snow.
Caption by / Photo by Ultra PRT
Because the electric vehicles operate only when needed, they're more energy-efficient than the pair of diesel buses that formerly looped the airport, stopping at every drop-off point regardless of the passenger load.
Caption by / Photo by Ultra PRT
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