General Motors has taken to the streets with its Electric Networked-Vehicle, or -- wait for it -- EN-V. It's a crazy futuristic two-wheeled pod vehicle developed with Segway, and it looks perfect for supervillains zooming around volcano lairs zapping people. Without damaging the environment, naturally.

The EN-V is an evolution of the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility vehicle, or PUMA. Those wonderful backronyms! Where PUMA looked like a ski-lift had crashed into a wheelchair and escaped into the wild, the EN-V comes with added Blade Runner. It looks like a great opportunity to pootle about like a hipster Davros, or some kind of Shoreditch Mekon, blasting passers-by with irony beams.

There are three version of the EN-V: the Miao, Xiao and Jiao. The Jiao is pictured above. Click continue to find out how the EN-V runs, and see official pictures of the Miao, Xiao and Jiao in action.

The EN-V is powered by an electric motor in each wheel.
Here's what it looks like in the dark.
The EN-V carries two passengers.
The EN-V can be driven manually or remotely.
Each EN-V packs a GPS system and wireless communication.
This is the Miao, which means 'Magic' and sounds like you're talking to your cat again.
The motors are powered by lithium-ion phosphate batteries.
Batteries can be charged from your standard wall socket.
A single charge will take the EN-V 40km (25 miles).
The Xiao, or 'Laugh', looks like a diving bell designed by Dyson.
The in-car screen and control folds away.
Here's us in ten years time, tootling down Kennington High Road.
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