The GT is remarkably imposing, even on a truck.
Photo by: Roo Lewis
Officially, only 101 Ford GTs were imported over here.
It's fair to say the Ford GT is vast. It's far better suited to US roads than UK.
Two cars, one name, nearly five decades between them.
Seeing the GT and the GT40 side by side, you appreciate how large the newer car is.
The GT looks utterly stunning.
Its supercharged V8 makes one hell of a noise.
This is a rare Mk 3 GT40.
The Mk 3 was designed for road use.
It has softer springs, a boot (of sorts), a detuned V8, and a longer back.
The GT's V8 is on display for all to see.
While it looks squat, it's not all that small.
Old meets new.
You can begin to see the height difference here. The newer car is 43 inches tall.
Insert "nice bum" joke here.
Mmmmmm, engine.
The GT40's engine in all its glory. It's a bit nice, isn't it?
The GT's engine access may be a touch tricky, but what a "bonnet."
The GT40's interior holds up well, considering it's nearly five decades old.
Of the seven Mk 3 GT40s made, Steve McQueen's is probably the most well known. It sold at auction for $11 million in 2012.
Thanks to various financial crises, the full 4,500 production run of Ford GTs was never completed.
Just over 100 Ford GT40s were made.
Only six GT70s ever turned a wheel.
The family together.
This GT70 used to run with a Capri's V6, but Ford's heritage chaps threw a 2.0-litre unit in there.
It is, frankly, a pig to drive.
It's a front end that pretty much everyone on the planet knows.
The GT40's rear end is a thing of beauty.
The GT's interior is a bit "retro" and was heavily inspired by the GT40.
Everything is canted toward the driver.
The GT70 is many things. Pretty is not one of those things.
The GT70's interior is, erm, specialised.
The GT70's centre console is pretty awesome.
Striking, isn't it?
The GT70 was built to rule the rally stages of the world.
Ford's last go at a "proper" supercar was a good'un.
Both are utterly wonderful to drive.
But the GT40 is a car you have to put some effort in to driving.
The GT40's driving position is an odd one -- you don't sit in it, so much as lie down.
Many people say supercars are "as easy to drive as a Focus," and in this case, the GT really is.
The GT40's cabin is really tight.
New or old, the GTs are wonderful to experience.
The GT70 makes a wonderful noise.
Yes, we did drag race them. And yes, it was awesome.
Meet the XCAR team: Alex (editor, presenter, tea boy) is on the GT, Nick (producer, cameraman, editor) is on the GT70 and Drew (content director, beard owner) is on the £3.5 million GT40.
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