That menacing snarl

The 3/4 front view of this car shows the detail of some of its airflow management and classically curvaceous lines.
Photo by: Michael Alan Ross

Carbon-ceramic brakes

The lovely pattern of carbon-ceramic rotors that are standard on the F12. At 700+ horsepower, they'd better be.
Photo by: Michael Alan Ross

The Aero Bridge

The Aero Bridge is the easiest way to spot an F12, and supposedly adds some 270 pounds of downforce at full speed as it evacuates air down and along the side of the car's fenders and doors.
Photo by: Michael Alan Ross

6.3-liter V12

No turbo, no blower, just a lot of displacement and free breathing. In an age where most cars' engines are downright ugly to look at, the F12's V12 is radical relief.
Photo by: Michael Alan Ross

The cockpit

This is my favorite place to work of any supercar I have driven. Handsome, functional, and lean. It carries a hint of the cabin in the classic Ferrari Lusso.
Photo by: Michael Alan Ross

The Manettino

Many have followed, but nobody does a no-nonsense-looking steering wheel like Ferrari, with the distinctive Manettino drive control switchgear along its right lobe.
Photo by: Michael Alan Ross

F12 at speed

Who am I kidding? We experienced the F12 on public roads, so it never even really had to breathe hard. But it still left us breathless.
Photo by: Michael Alan Ross

Into the sunset.

The rear view of the F12 (the one you will see most often!) really harkens back to the company's classic GT cars of the 1960s.
Photo by: Michael Alan Ross
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