The Ferrari 458 Italia is so hot right now. It's so hot in fact that the company's had to issue a global recall due to the 200mph supercar's propensity to burst into flames.

Five separate fire incidents, along with a series of mysterious crashes involving the 458 Italia, initially sparked fears that the car was cursed. However, Ferrari's top brass recently conceded there is a design fault that could lead to the £170,000 cars igniting.

The fires can be traced to the adhesive Ferrari uses to secure the inner lining of the rear wheel arches -- a part necessary to prevent dirt entering the engine bay. Unfortunately in some cases, the heat generated by the engine can deform these liners, causing the adhesive to ignite. Once the glue's on fire, it's only a matter of minutes before the entire vehicle is charred to a cinder.

Unsurprisingly, Ferrari has recalled over 1,000 458 Italia to have replacement arch liners fitted at local dealers. Rather than using glue, the company will affix the liners with 'mechanical devices' -- possibly a fancy word for "screws". All 458 Italia owners who've had their car damaged or destroyed as a result of fire will receive a new model.

We're used to performance cars generating large levels of heat. Back in May 2010, the Ferrari 599 HGTE we reviewed in our Car Tech channel got so hot, the adhesive securing its front license plate appeared to melt, though there was no indication of danger to the safety of the car or its occupants.

Has your Ferrari burst into flames? Have you suffered a charred bottom or sudden loss of attractiveness to the opposite sex as a result of a 458 Italia catching fire? Let us know in the comments below.

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The ashy remains of a 458 Italia that caught fire in Paris.
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This 458 Italia was engulfed by flames after crashing on a mountain pass in Switzerland.
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Flammable glue in the wheel arch liners was blamed for this 458 Italia fire in Costa Mesa, California.
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