Extreme cop cars from around the world

From the super-expensive to the just plain nuts, police around the world have some extreme modes of transportation.

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1 of 32 Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images

This Italian supercar

Police forces around the world have some pretty crazy rides.

In 2017, Roman police added this Lamborghini Huracán to its force. The Huracán is intended to catch speeding drivers. No problem: This supercar can reach speeds north of 200 miles per hour.

2 of 32 Abbotsford Police/Flickr

This Hummer H2 that was caught 'riding dirty'

When the Abbotsford Police Department in British Columbia, Canada, seizes a vehicle for drug trafficking, they aren't shy about advertising it. This Hummer H2 is fully wrapped in anti-drug messaging.

3 of 32 Abbotsford Police/Flickr

Check out the back...

That must have been one very large drug trafficker.

4 of 32 Citrus County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

This crime-fighting Corvette

Officers at the Citrus County Sheriff's Office can zip around the Florida Gulf Coast in a fifth-generation Chevy Corvette that the department confiscated in a raid.

5 of 32 Bossier Sheriff's Office

This drug-free muscle car

The Bossier Sheriff's Office purchased this 2014 Chevy Camaro with seized drug money.

6 of 32 Borough of Sayreville

This thoroughly modded cruiser

A New Jersey police department modified an old Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor cruiser to serve as the community's D.A.R.E. vehicle. Modifications include scissor doors, a hydraulic split hood and a serious audio-visual entertainment system.

7 of 32 Troy Police Department/Facebook

This old-school coupe

Michigan's Troy Police Department has a 1932 Ford Coupe they bring to community events. The hot rod has an exposed engine, a custom-painted exterior and, of course, a blue siren on the roof.

8 of 32 Troy Police Department/Facebook

This coupe didn't always fight crime

The coupe was confiscated in a drug raid before it was given new life as a police car.

9 of 32 Longview Police Department/Facebook

This Lambo that moonlights as a police car

Longview, Texas police bring this wrapped Lamborghini Gallardo to department events. But this Lambo isn't always a police car. It's owned by a private citizen who lends it to the local force for fundraisers and parties.

10 of 32 Carabineri/Facebook

This James Bond-worthy ride

The Carabinieri, the military arm of the Italian police, has a high-performance Alfa Romeo Giulia QV in its stable.

11 of 32 Isle of Man Constabulary Roads Policing Unit/Facebook

This British race car

British supercar manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company donated a BAC Mono to the Isle of Man police force to encourage safe driving on the island's legendary winding roads.

The tiny island plays host to one of the world's most dangerous motorcycle races, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, better known as the Isle of Man TT.

USA - Politics - President Bush Rides in Border Patrol Dune Buggy
12 of 32 Brooks Kraft/Getty Images

This high-powered dune buggy

Each dune buggy built to patrol the US-Mexico border has a 200-horsepower Volkswagen engine and plenty of ground clearance for access to the roughest terrain at higher speeds.

13 of 32 Marwan Naamani /AFP/Getty Images

This luxurious police convoy

The UAE has some of the most extreme police cars in the world. Here's a convoy that includes a Bugatti, a McLaren and a Bentley.

police car
14 of 32 Siqui Sánchez/Getty Images

This super-fast Lambo

They also have a Lamborghini Aventador.

15 of 32 Karim Sahib /AFP/Getty Images

The Aventador on patrol

Yes, it has scissor doors. And yes, Emirati policemen actually take it out on patrol.

16 of 32 Chris Paukert/Roadshow

This BMW with crazy doors

There's also a BMW i8 with butterfly doors, so watch your head.

17 of 32 Chris Paukert/Roadshow

This performance Nissan

If Japanese sports cars are more your style, the police in Dubai also run this Nissan GT-R. It can reach up to 196 mph.

Boeing and Airbus Unveil New Orders At Dubai Airshow
18 of 32 Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

This super-SUV

It's just another day at work for this Emerati police officer as she locks up her Mercedes-Benz G-Class tuned by Brabus.

19 of 32 St. Louis County Police Department/Facebook

This convertible that was converted into a D.A.R.E. car

Say "yes" to this Chevy Corvette, which was seized in a drug raid and turned into a D.A.R.E. vehicle in St. Louis County, Missouri.

20 of 32 Troy Police Department/Facebook

This sheriff enjoys a local ride

This Dodge Challenger, seized from a heroin dealer, now serves as a community policing vehicle for Oakland County, Michigan—the same county where the car brand's headquarters is located.

21 of 32 Riverside Police Department/Facebook

This souped-up Mustang

The Riverside Police Department in Southern California received this Saleen S302 Mustang as a donation. The department uses the car as its Police Officer's Association Memorial Vehicle.

22 of 32 Santa Cruz Police/Facebook

This very Instagrammable police car

The Santa Cruz Police in Northern California roll up to recruitment fairs in this 1961 Chevy Biscayne.

23 of 32 Abbotsford Police/Flickr

This car was seized from a gang member

Police in British Columbia use vehicles to dissuade young people from joining gangs. This Nissan Z convertible is one of them.

24 of 32 Combined Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia/Twitter

This BMW tells a story

This BMW X5 SUV, also in British Columbia, memorably depicts a former gang member confined to a wheelchair.

25 of 32 Wilmington Police Department/Facebook

This van that's armed with ice cream

This North Carolina police force thought it would be fun to have an ice cream truck. The Ford E-Series truck hands out free frozen novelties at community events.

26 of 32 Glendale Police Department/Facebook

This cruiser that's half taxi, half police cruiser

The rear half of this California Ford police cruiser is painted like a yellow taxi. The goal? To discourage driving under the influence by comparing the low price of a cab to the price of a DUI.

121st London To Brighton Veteran Car Run
27 of 32 Michael Cole/Getty Images

This mid-century Wolseley

This vintage police car, a 1951 Wolseley, occasionally comes out of retirement for community events in West Sussex, England.

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28 of 32 Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

This rescue Hummer

This massive Harris County Sheriff's Hummer H1 in Houston, Texas is used to assist flood victims.

29 of 32 Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images

This drone motorcycle

While not technically a car, this drone motorcycle is as extreme as it gets. Police in the UAE have a Russian-built Hoversurf S3. The flying one-seater can patrol from 20 feet in the air.

30 of 32 Calumet County Wisconsin

This winter whip

No streets? No problem. In Calumet County, Wisconsin, near Lake Michigan, police have snowmobiles to access hard-to-reach areas.

Atmosphere - 73rd Venice Film Festival
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This jet ski that patrols waterways

Police officers in Venice, Italy can't cruise the canals on four wheels, so they get around on jet skis.

32 of 32 Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images

This robot has wheels

The UAE has the first operational police robot. It isn't a mode of transport, but this uniformed robot does have wheels and a touchscreen that citizens can use to report a crime.

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