An Audi supercar was mooted for years prior to its 2007 launch.
The Le Mans concept is pretty much identical to the finished product.
The R8 initially launched with a 414 bhp V8 engine shared with the RS 4.
Other variants were, of course, released. The V10 version shared an engine with the Lamborghini Gallardo.
Actually...the R8 shares quit a bit with the Lamborghini Gallardo.
A hard-core GT version was released for drivers wanting something with a little more edge.
Those after top-down thrills could order a Spyder variant. All the thrills of the coupe, but with more headroom.
Eco warriors wouldn't go disappointed, either; an e-tron electric version was conceptualised.
Its looks were, at launch at least, pretty radical.
Even now, years after launch, the R8 turns heads.
Its cockpit keeps everything driver focused.
The manual gear change is sublime.
Details, like the font used on the speedo, really add to the car's "supercar" pretentions.
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