Tall wagon

The Chevy Volt sedan has yet to go on sale and GM is already dreaming of new body styles for its plug-in series hybrid drivetrain.

Take the base of one Chevrolet Volt sedan, extend the body up and out, and transform it into a wagon. Voila, you've got the MPV5 concept that was revealed at the 2010 Beijing Motor Show.

Photo by: Chevrolet

More and less

Under the skin the MPV5 is powered by the same Voltec powertrain as the original Volt, with an electric motor powering the front wheels. The electric motor is fed by a battery pack recharged via mains power. When battery power approaches zero, a supplementary petrol engine powers up to recharge the batteries and keep the car rolling.

The MPV5's zero tailpipe emissions EV range has been reduced to around 50km, down from the Volt sedan's 60km-plus range. This is likely due to the increased weight and aerodynamic drag of the bigger wagon body shape.

Photo by: Chevrolet


The MPV5 looks a lot like Chevy's earlier Orlando concept car, but upsized and with design cues from the Volt sedan grafted on.

Photo by: Chevrolet

Light up

The Volt MPV5 concept features power-saving details, such as the Volt's signature LED rear lights.

Photo by: Chevrolet

I retract

The white centre cluster is capped by a retractable LCD, where the majority of the entertainment controls will be.

Photo by: Chevrolet


Inside, there's the same iPod-inspired cabin that will grace the Volt when it finally goes on sale later this year in North America.

Photo by: Chevrolet

Bets on

We're willing to bet the concept's seats won't make it to production, but wouldn't it be cool if they did?

Photo by: Chevrolet

Space and grace

With more generous dimensions and a large cargo area, the MPV5 should seat five passengers in greater comfort than the Volt sedan.

Photo by: Chevrolet

Target: China

The MPV5 concept is targeted at the rapidly growing Chinese auto market, with no announced plans to market the MPV5 in North America, Europe or Australia.


Photo by: Chevrolet
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