New logo

Chevrolet updated the Corvette logo for the seventh generation C7. The former checkered flag and Chevy logo have morphed into wings.
Photo by: GM

Gran Turismo profile

The prototype Corvette C7 released for Gran Turismo 5 comes clad in camouflage masking, but the shape of the profile still shows.
Photo by: GM

Leaked profile sketch

This sketch, leaked to the Internet, shows more detail in the profile.
Photo by: GM

Gran Turismo front

The front of the Gran Turismo prototype retains the uncovered headlamps.
Photo by: GM

Gran Turismo rear

The cladding hides much of the rear detail from this Gran Turismo prototype, but the four centered exhausts are apparent.
Photo by: GM

Sketch rear

The leaked sketch of the rear shows squarish taillights that resemble those of the Camaro.
Photo by: GM

Sketch hatchback

Chevy apparently retains the hatchback design of the Corvette.
Photo by: GM

LT1 engine

This new engine for the Corvette produces 450 horsepower, and Chevy says its 26mpg will make it the most fuel efficient among similarly powered engines.
Photo by: GM

Steering wheel sketch

This leaked sketch of the steering wheel shows well-integrated buttons for voice command and display control. Buttons for volume control and radio presets sit between the wheel spokes.
Photo by: GM

Instrument cluster

This capture from a Chevy teaser video shows an instrument cluster with LCD elements.
Photo by: GM
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