Christmas gifts for revhead/techheads

Aussies love their cars and Aussies love their tech -- so why not get a present that ticks both boxes? Here are some high-tech present ideas that'll put the pedal to the metal this Christmas.

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Navman Mivue Drive LM

One of the newest generation of in-car GPS, the MiVue also sports a rear mounted camera -- meaning that while you're getting directions, the unit is also operating as a dashboard camera, complete with 'crash-cam' functionality.

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Pioneer AVIC F60DAB

If you want "everything but the kitchen sink", then this is it!

An in-car entertainment system that supports CarPlay, Pioneer App Mode and Mirrorlink smartphone mirroring technologies.

Oh and navigation as well.

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Logitech Case+Trip

Logitech's modular case system is one of the cleverest on the market. Each case in the range has a hidden metal plate that lets it work with any of the mounting accessories.

Mounts include the Drive, which uses a suction cap to stick to your window and the clever Trip -- pictured above -- which clips to the air vents in your car.

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Garmin Nuvi 2589 LMT

The Nuvi 2589 LMT is a low-cost no frills GPS that even has Four Square integration for a more exciting take on the traditional "points of interest".

The screen mount deserves some extra attention -- it's just about perfect: easy to install and remove, unobtrusive and very secure, even over rough road patches.

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Drift Ghost-S action cam

GoPro may rule the motorsports world, but there is reason to look at the Drift Ghost-S when considering an action camera. Two screw mounts allow more flexibility when attaching it to a suction-cup mount, so you can capture that perfect lap from inside or outside the car.

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Strike Alpha Cradle

This professionally installed car cradle does more than just hold your phone for you while you drive. It also features a signal boosting external antenna, charges your phone (or tablet) while plugged in and is fully compliant with all Australian hands-free laws.

The range is massive across a huge range of manufacturers and handsets -- and if you're feeling super tech-savvy, you can buy a DIY version to install yourself.

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