Livio Kit for iPhone or Android

In addition to serving as a bridge between your smartphone and your car stereo via auxiliary audio cable or FM transmission, the Livio Kit gives access to hundreds of streaming Internet radio stations via the Livio app for iPhone or Android. Read full review
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MSRP: $120

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Cobra Tag Bluetooth keyring for Android

The perfect gift for the forgetful type--you know, the person who's always losing things--the Cobra Tag notifies users if their keys and smartphone get separated. Your loved ones may never leave the house without their keys again (or the office without their phones). Read editors' take

Kanex AirBlue

The Kanex AirBlue is one of those devices that's so simple in its operation that you'll find dozens of uses for it. Use it to add Bluetooth audio streaming to your car stereo, to make any headphones you have into wireless headphones, or to transform your smartphone into a roving media center for your home audio setup. Read editors' take
Photo by: Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Cobra iRadar radar detector

We don't encourage speeding on public roads, but if you want to help the lead foot in your life avoid a ticket, why not do intelligently? With the help of an iPhone or Android app, iRadar by Cobra can warn drivers of speed traps, prevent false alarms, and even notify them when they unintentionally exceed the speed limit. Read full review
Photo by: Cobra
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MSRP: $170

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